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 Season 2: Tactics- June 5,2012

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PostSubject: Season 2: Tactics- June 5,2012   Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:28 am

Tuesday Night Tactics
June 5,2012 10pm Forum Time
June 6,2012 3am TWG Time

Welcome To Tactics Live Event

Konkussion VS The Neanderthal

J. Cole VS Falcon

White Phoenix Demands War!!!

Airwave + White Phoenix VS Lawmed The Destroyer + Wiyne Gutsky

Cameron Sharpe VS Rod Cannon

Sergiy Cena VS The French Warrior Alex Kazarian

William Eagle + Kevin Zulli VS Pyrox + Zarachiel Wraith

Interview: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix VS Ghetto Blaster

I'am Coming for you Arsenic

#1 Contendership for PWE Bright Star Championship: Blech VS Arsenic


Tickets Sold: 16.611
Tickets Income: 166.110 Fantaeuros
Tickets Request: 16.611
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Season 2: Tactics- June 5,2012
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