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 Season 2: First Tactics

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PostSubject: Season 2: First Tactics    Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:32 am

Tuesday Night Tactics

Welcome Back: Tactics

Konkussion VS Bubba Williams

Arsenic VS Kriss Krysis

J. Cole VS The Neanderthal


Wiyne Gutsky VS Kevin Zulli

Your Playing with Your Life!!!

Zarachiel Wraith VS Hadas

J. Cole backstage with Lwmed The Destroyer

Silverola VS Falcon

Airwave Championship Celebration

Ivan Medvedev VS Doug Beck

Debut: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix VS goofball

Tag Match Talk

William Eagle + Sergiy Cena VS Ghetto Blaster + Iron Golem

Conclusion: Never Betray PWE

Tickets Sold: 12.274
Tickets Income: 122.740 Fantaeuros
Tickets Request: 12.274

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Season 2: First Tactics
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