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 Tuesday Night Tactics: 4-17-2012

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PostSubject: Tuesday Night Tactics: 4-17-2012   Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:19 pm

Tuesday Night Tactics
April 17,2012. 10pm Forum Time
April 18, 2012. 3am TWG Server Time

Welcome To Tactics!!!
Lawmed Visits GM
A Country Boy Gets Ready
Bubba Williams VS uniteddevil
Interview With Lwmed The Destroyer
Wiyne Gutsky Interview
Lawmed The Destroyer VS Virtual Killer
Interview With Airwave
Hype Promo: Kevin Zulli
Airwave VS White Phoenix
Future Tag Team Partner?
Hype Promo: The Neandethral
Rod Cannon VS MarkHenry
A New Tag Tag is Born!!!
John Rambo. VS Joe Hunter
Jack Swarm Speaks/Trouble in PWE
Kevin Zulli VS The Neanderthal
Law & Order: Part 1
shadow knight + Wiyne Gutsky VS Hadas + J Mysteq
Law & Order: Part2
Blech VS Jack Swarm
After Match Commentary
First Reactions
Phoenix Kid VS Aztec

Tickets Sold: 3.152
Tickets Income: 31.520 Fantaeuros
Tickets Request: 3.152
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Tactics: 4-17-2012   Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:50 pm

One Fall Match
Uniteddevil def. Bubba Williams
(via pin after light corkscrew leg drop)

One Fall Match
Lawmed The Destroyer def. Virtual Killer
(via pin after fantastic cranial carnage)

One Fall Match
Airwave def. White Phoenix
(via pin after strong big splash)

One Fall Match
Mark Henry def. Rod Cannon
(via pin after extreme abyssal force)

One Fall Match
Joe Hunter def. John Rambo
(via pin after invincible megastopper)

One Fall Match
Kevin Zulli def. The Neanderthal
(via dq after a steel chair shot)

Tag Team Match
Hadas & J Mysteq def. Shadow Night & Wiyne Gutsky
(via pin after fantastic double axe handle)

One Fall Match
Jack Swarm def. Blech
(via submission by light armbar)

Main Event Match
Phoenix Kid def. Aztec
(via pin after strong fujiwara armbar)
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Tuesday Night Tactics: 4-17-2012
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