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 Wiyne Gutsky

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PostSubject: Wiyne Gutsky    Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:13 pm

Wrestler Name: Wiyne Gutsky
Wrestler Nickname: The Red Menace
Wrestler Level: 12
Wrestler Type: Tech
Wrestler Height: 6'3
Wrestler Weight: 255
Wrestler Age: 20
Face or Heel: Heel
Wrestler Attitude: Delusional, likes to incite crowds
Tag Team Partner in this fed: no
Tag Team Name in this fed: no
Willing to Tag: Maybe, would need a similarly-styled heel
Faction Name in this fed: none
Wrestler's Style: Roughhouse rule-breaking wrestling mixed with technical

Wrestler's Origin: The former Soviet Union (“What do you mean FORMER?!”)

Your RP Ability: 8 or 9 out of 10. Able to infuriate crowds opponents, set up a good story, humor

Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: Not sure if it's possible.

Finishers: Soviet Sleeper. He hooks the opponents arms under his legs from behind, and places pressure on the carotid artery with his forearm.

Trademarks: Modified Gutwrench Sluplex (Aka "Red Square Suplex')

Modified Standing Clothesline (Aka "Slap Shot")

Modified Knee Stomp (Aka "Hip Check")

Taunts: Spit and Curse

Catch Phrase: "I will bury you!"

Background: Gutsky is a former hockey player for the Red Army team. He tried his hand at professional hockey in America, but was kicked out of the game for being too violent. However, Gutsky claims that he actually quit because he was tired of the “sissy Yankee” rules he had to endure. Gutsky wears a goalie mask to the ring, but no one is quite sure why. Some believe his face has been badly disfigured from his hockey days, others claim that he's just really ugly. Gutsky firmly believes that the Soviet Union is still intact, and dismisses any arguments to the contrary as “Yankee lies” and “Capitalist propaganda.” He often spits and curses at wrestling crowds in unintelligible Russian.

Summation: Wiyne is 50% "Commie," 50% Hockey Goon, 100% delusional!
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Wiyne Gutsky
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