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 Setup for feud with Wiyne Gutsky

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PostSubject: Setup for feud with Wiyne Gutsky   Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:18 pm

Setup for “face to be named later” feud with Wiyne Gutsky, make any changes as you see fit.

A small stage is set up near the ring where Keith Ledger interviews (Face.) (Face) has an American flag draped over his shoulder.

Keith Ledger: Hello wrestling fans, I’m here with one of the rising stars of PWE, (Face.) Now (Face), you called me for this interview because you have something to stay.

Face: That’s right Keith, a little while ago, some lunatic named Wiyne Gutsky decided that best way to deal with losing a match was to pick on a little kid, showing everyone what a coward you are!

(Meanwhile, video footage shows Gutsky taking an American flag from a kid in the crowd, and then stomping and spitting on it)

Face: But let me tell you this: you’ve got some real stones to do that to the American flag, pal. If you’ve got a problem with the American flag, you need to go back to wherever it is that you came from, because these colors don’t run!

The crowd erupts, and a “USA!” chant begins. Suddenly, Wiyne Gutsky walks toward the stage, holding a hockey stick in one hand. As he approaches the stage, the “USA!” chant gets even louder. Gutsky is enraged.

Gutsky (All in thick Russian accent:) SHUT UP! SHUT UP, you stupid peasants!

Keith Ledger: Wiyne Gutsky, I’m guessing you’d like to respond to these comments.

Gutsky: First of all, I did NOT lose match! That was the fastest three-count in all the history of wrestling. It is all conspiracy against Wiyne Gutsky! (The crowd boos.) Second, I no coward! Like all great warriors of the Soviet Union, I stand up to you and any other weak-minded and timid westerners!

The crowd boos loudly.

(FACE) stands right in front of Gutsky, not backing down.

Face: Look pal, maybe the history books you’ve read only go up to the eighties, but the Soviet Union fell a long time ago. The Cold War is over and we all know who won!

The crowd responds with the “USA!” chant once again.

Gutsky: Lies, I tell you, all LIES!

Face: But if you want to get a little war started in the ring, I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Gutsky: Anytime, anyplace you Yankee fool! It will be last mistake you ever make!

Gutsky yells something in Russian, spits, and storms off of the stage.

Keith Ledger: Well fans, it looks like the Cold War may in fact be over between (Face) and the Red Menace Wiyne Gutsky, because it will soon be heating up when…

Suddenly, Gutsky appears out of nowhere, hitting (Face) in the back of the head with his hockey stick, knocking him to the ground. He then takes the American flag that was draped over (Face’s) shoulder and begins choking him with it. The crowd is incensed.

Keith Ledger: Somebody get security over here!

Before security can show up, Gutsky stomps (Face) on the head, spits on him, and then races back to the locker room.
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Setup for feud with Wiyne Gutsky
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