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 Talking Blech

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PostSubject: Talking Blech   Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:41 pm

Wrestler Name: Blech
Wrestler Nickname: The world's least irisdescent athlete (chosen to piss of ring announcers, often omitted)
Wrestler Level: 6
Wrestler Type: Resistance
Wrestler Height: 6 ft
Wrestler Weight: 220 lb
Wrestler Age: 18
Face or Heel: Heel
Wrestler Attitude: He is in pro wrestling because it is his best way to make money. He is doesn't care about being hurt nor about hurting someone. Blech can be very random from time to time and he doesn't try too hard to fit into society or to make friends in the business.

Tag Team Partner in this fed: -
Tag Team Name in this fed: -
Willing to Tag: yes
Faction Name in this fed: -
Wrestler's Style: Though he is an athletic guy, his main asset is his high pain tolerance. He is willing to do high risk self-sacrificing moves, because he really doesn't care. To defeat his opponent he will just rely on constantly inflicting pain, again and again and again.

Wrestler's Origin: Raised in Detroit, he didn't finish high school and found a job at the assembly line in a car factory. During that time he found out that he could make some bucks by getting beaten up for money by rich guys who wanted to impress their girlfriends and friends. Later he was recruited into wrestling because of ability to embrace pain.

Your RP Ability: I've got years of experience in RPing online and offline and I am open for all kind of nice role-playing ideas, but this is the first time I am playing in a wrestling game so be patient with me Smile

Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: I LOVE a good heel/face turn. But it should be nice angle preparing for the turn and believable for the character (he is not Edge).

Description of each of your finishers, taunt(s), and trademark moves:

Puppy Sandwich: Blech directs his opponent into the ring corner and crushes him between him and the turnbuckle executing Puppy Sandwich

Modified 3 Point Stance Charge
Modified Samoan Drop

None so far

Catch Phrase:
None so far

Being manhandled by Tom Cruise
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Talking Blech
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