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 Goofball segment

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PostSubject: Goofball segment   Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:26 pm

goofball is instructing the cameraman.

Goofball: right there! Are you getting this? What's that? That? Red light? Yes it's on,what? Oh! hell fans of PUREEEEEEEEEEE Wrestling..... What's the last word? Enterainment!

(camera zoom out)

Goofball: well, hey there fans of PWE, I'm sure it's not fun watching William Eagle getting his nads kicked? And no way is it awesome if kouji does arm wrench hold and your just sitting there in chair watching whole thing! Guess what??? You can buy stuff here!! We got action figures of all wrestlers in PWE!!! Watch my action figure!

Goofball is playing with action figures and pretending that William eagle kicked him in the nads and then put kouji in arm wrench hold in oddly fashion. He then threw the toys away!

Goofball: all of these cost all the money in your parents' wallet, and if there is no cash and your parents have credit card,just simple give us ccv, ssn, billing address, blank checks with signatures, bank account umber and don't forget the routing number, then everything of here can be your for all of your money!!!

Goofball threw toys at camera!

Goofball: now let's move on! We got DVDs of unlimited beat downs recorded on every shows, both ppv and regular shows! You can watch this!

(show footage of championship being won, heartbroken, tears, pain, finishing moves used, then it fuzzed to repetitious Footage of William eagle being kicked in nads)

Goofball: that's my favorite part! Yes, there it is again! Ohhhhh! Again! Wow! That gotta hurt! Owww! Where's the off button!?

(goofball search frantically then he decided to kick plasma tv, breaking it!)

Goofball: also, we got t-shirts that you can cut through, hats to burn, poster to shred! (he did everrything in that order)

William Eagle: what are you doing goofball?? You got a match up coming now!

(goofball kicked William in the nads)

Goofball: buy from us!!! (runs away)

(William Eagle is seen squirming on floor in pain)
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PostSubject: Re: Goofball segment   Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:44 pm

You're probably gonna get caught on this for god-modding.
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Goofball segment
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