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 Ivan Medvedev's bio

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PostSubject: Ivan Medvedev's bio   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:49 am

Wrestler Name: Ivan Medvedev
Wrestler Nickname: Russian Bear
Wrestler Level: 14
Wrestler Type: Tech
Wrestler Height: 6'1
Wrestler Weight: 261
Wrestler Age: 26
Face or Heel: Heel
Wrestler Attitude: Vladimir Kozlov's "The Soviet War Machine" style
Tag Team Partner in this fed: N/A
Tag Team Name in this fed: N/A
Willing to Tag: Yes
Faction Name in this fed: N/A
Wrestler's Style: Versatile. Can charge in the fight recklessly sometimes, but usually prefer to counterattack and finish with deadly submission move.

Wrestler's Origin: Ivan was a hunter in russian Siberia, making money for killing bears and selling their skin. Enviroment and hard work made him strong and cold-blooded. Once time a russian mafia find him and tried to make him one of their fighting dogs, but Ivan didn't want to be such a monster. And he ran away, spending lots of time in hiding. This life forced him to fight for himself, even to death, but when he understood that can't take it anymore, he decided to find a new path as wrestler. He left the former Soviet Union, but nickname "Russian Bear" and style of "Soviet War Machine" always following him.

Your RP Ability: 5/10, maybe higher, if interested.
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: Yes.

Description of each of your finishers, taunt(s), and trademark moves:

Bear's Grasp: Ivan Medvedev grasps the opponent's head with two hands, pounding him with devastating headbutts, while crowd yells: "WOOOOO!" then choking the opponent's head with a strong pressure against his neck executing Bear's Grasp.

Bear's Crush: Ivan Medvedev twists his rival's arm over his shoulder and turns behind him threads an arm under his opponent's neck and crushes him violently on the ground by throwing him back executing Bear's Crush.

Vodka and Balalaika: Ivan Medvedev approaches lying opponent distracts him telling him about Soviet Russia while fans quickly give Ivan Medvedev empty bottle of Vodka then Ivan Medvedev takes a Balalaika from the under of ring and begins to choke the opponent with Balalaika and bottle Vodka locked on the opponent's neck executing Vodka and Balalaika.

Bear's jaw (Ankle Lock)
Bear's hug (Full Nelson)
Hammer and Sickle (Frog Splash)

Taunts: Bear's Roar: Ivan Medvedev Stomps With Rage And Begins To Roar Looking To The Oppenent's Eyes executing a Bear's Roar.

Catch Phrase: Lucky bear didn't catched by hunter - lucky hunter didn't catched by bear.

Achievements: N/A
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Ivan Medvedev's bio
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