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 PWE Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: PWE Rules and Regulations   Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:39 pm

I would like to welcome everyone to PURE Wrestling Experience. This federation will be about respect. It will be a family built federation, like my other federation GPWA. If there is any violations of the following rules, I will fire you on the spot and put a bad word for you with other GMs and the TWG bosses

#1 No using WWE/WWF/ECW/WCW/ pics, videos, or merchandise, no matter if past, present or future.

#2 Limited foul language.
-> Go by this: If it wouldn't be on a regular TNA TV shows, don't use it for your own sake.

#3 No God Moding!
-> Exception: Permission by the godmoded character.Use common sense when you do it though. And try not to destroy the god moded character's personality. (eg: William Eagle wouldn't beg for mercy, Bryce Brayden is always a fair fighter etc.)

#4 No use of Sexually/Rasistic Explcit Content! No matter what!

#5 Leave the recruiting to the staff. Feel free to suggest people we can sign, but do NOT try to be a recruiter .

If you do not understand these rules please ask for more explanation. If you do not speak English as your primary language please ask for help if you need it. If you need help with any thing from roleplays, or story line ideas pleas contact a GM or VGM.

Your GM of PWE,

William Eagle
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PWE Rules and Regulations
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