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 Kouji Tanaka

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PostSubject: Kouji Tanaka   Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:25 pm

Wrestler Name: Kouji Tanaka
Wrestler Nickname: N/A
Wrestler Level: 15
Wrestler Type: Resistance
Wrestler Height: 6"1
Wrestler Weight: 255lbs
Wrestler Age: 39
Face or Heel: Heel
Wrestler Attitude: Old school.
Tag Team Partner in this fed: Bryce Brayden (?)
Tag Team Name in this fed: N/A
Willing to Tag: Yes
Faction Name in this fed: N/A
Wrestler's Style: Takes a lot of damage but comes back at the end with a Furaingu Hurricanrana or a Kyoryoku Knee Lariat

Wrestler's Origin: Nobody really reads these things, so I will just sum it up by saying that Kouji Tanaka grew up in Japan.

Your RP Ability: 9/10 when motivated.
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: Definitely will change.


Kouji Tanaka climbs onto the ring apron and walks to the nearest turnbuckle with his opponent stunned
and he climbs up on it and jumps at his opponent catching him in between his legs he then flips the opponent on his back brutally executing a Furaingu Hurricanrana

Kouji Tanaka hits the ropes opposite side of the opponent
and comes running at him hitting him in the face with his jumping knee lariat almost knocking the opponent out executing a Kyoryoku Knee Lariat


Kouji Tanaka flanks kschaef and grabs his chest from behind
then he grabs his leg bringing kschaef on his shoulder, and falls backward with a well performed Fantastic Doroppu suplex

Kouji Tanaka bounces against the ropes
and dives on kschaef with a Mortal Dai seko

Kouji Tanaka grabs his opponent placing him on his shoulder
then he falls down making his opponent bump into his shoulder performing a Fantastic Kasai sanda


Kouji Tanaka Puts His Hand Out In Respect Offering A Handshake executing a Handosheiku

Catch Phrase: N/A

Achievements: Two time TWG General Manager.
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Kouji Tanaka
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