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 First Shot

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PostSubject: First Shot   Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:57 pm

(To Be placed in the middle of the show)

The camera kicks to the hallway and it shows the Phoenix Kid walking down the hallway towards what could be assumed is the lockerrooms, the camera watches as the Phoenix Kid stops in front of AJ's door and is seen knocking on it. Several seconds pass before the door is opened, as soon as it is opened the Phoenix Kid is overheard asking if they can talk. The Phoenix Kid walks in and the door closes, the cameraman is close enough for the microphone to pick up exchange of words between the two superstars. The fans look on and don't know what is going until they start hearing stuff being thrown around and stuff hitting the wall and door. The fans don't know whether to cheer or boo as this goes on for several minutes. Finally the door opens and out steps the Phoenix Kid, his mask partly torn, and blood is seen trickling out. The Phoenix Kid turns and walks down the hallway unaware that there was a camera, the cameraman walks into the locker room and laying on the floor, doubled over and in pain is AJ Hale.

Jules:I guess AJ said something wrong? or maybe they couldn't have an agreement but anyways that is what you would call a statement point by our Heavyweight Champion.

Spencer:Are you kidding me!? That was down right dirty and you know it partner. I don't think that was called for, I mean come on how can that be allowed? Our GM has to do something about that, that was totally uncalled for!

Jules:Stop your bitching and just enjoy the fact that our Heavyweight Champion is making a statement and that he is going to protect his belt at all cost.

The fans in the arena boo at the scene they are treated too.
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First Shot
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