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 New Beginning

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PostSubject: New Beginning   Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:32 pm

The fans are in there seats, the opening pyro has gone off the announcers are at there tables as the camera pans the arena showing the packed house for tonights show. Before the announcers can say anything Fight with Dreams begins to play throughout the arena. The fans are unsure what to make of this theme, the announcers are shuffling through there paperwork as they are unaware of whats going on. The song continues to play for several minutes, the fans continue to look around at each other and then focus onto the stage as the titan tron flickers to life, it shows the last few minutes of the PWE Heavyweight Championship match between The Phoenix Kid and Ivan Medvedev. The scene ends showing The Phoenix Kid his hand raised in victory, this sends the fans into a loud chorus of boos as finally stepping onto the stage is the Phoenix Kid the PWE Heavyweight Championship belt slung over his left shoulder, a possible smirk on his face as he begins the short treck down to the ring, swatting the fans hands away if they get too close.

Jules:Would you look at that, here comes our New Heavyweight Champion and I must say that belt looks good on him. And look at how he is treating the fans, I knew he would come around, that belt has given him a new confidence and I like it.

Spencer:I don't see how you could like what is by far and away corruption that has taken hold of the Phoenix Kid. I mean when he came into this federation he was a fans fan, you could talk with him, take a picture with him, hell he even kissed babies. Now, he goes and shows his respect to those who helped put him on the map by acting like this?!? I mean really, seems a bit ungrateful if you ask me.

Jules:How could this be geting under your skin? He is our Heavyweight Champion he won a very hard fought match, you should be happy that we have the belt around the waist of a good young superstar and not some undeserving snot nosed punk.

The Phoenix Kid makes his way into the ring the fans boo's continue to echo throughout the arena, The Phoenix Kid pays them no attention as he stands there for several moments letting his music die down before reaching into his coat and pulling out a microphone.

The Phoenix Kid:I still don't get this, why fans boo me? I have done nothing but bust my butt everytime and go to make you happy. Plus I stand before you as the undisputed champion of the world. I must say this is pretty nice belt. Thank you Medvedev for putting up somewhat of a challenge against me in our match. I must say you were a better opponent then that Sergiy Cena fellow who stunk it up badly but I guess its too be expected when you have no heart nor skills to be in the ring with others.

The fans boo at the statement of The Phoenix Kid about Sergiy Cena, but he shrugs it off and prepares to speak again.

The Phoenix Kid:Why you fans boo the truth. You fans should be able to tell difference between a winner. Such as myself such as evident by the fact that I am the PWE Heavyweight Champion. And Sergiy Cena went and lost the previous title that I held onto and defended with honor and pride. You see that difference between me and every superstar here. I will defend my titles with honor and pride and I will look good while doing it.

Jules:Would you listen to these ungrateful fans, They are just showing there disrespect to our current Heavyweight Champion. I mean these fans are being truly ungrateful.

Spencer:I think the fans have every right to act the way they are acting. I mean lets look at the time line here partner. The Phoenix Kid came to PWE and talked about putting on a show and sending the fans home happy every night regardless if he won or lost. Now everynight he went out he did win and he became our first Television Champion and he beat each and every person who was thrown his way. But for him to show a changed demeanor towards the fans and beginning to think he was better then everyone. That is where he went wrong.

The Phoenix Kid prepares to speak once again when he is interrupted by....

TBC Ace Hale
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PostSubject: Re: New Beginning   Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:08 pm

A.J.'s theme is playing Let the Sparks Fly and the fans are going wild. A.J. shows up on stage with the mic. in his hand.

"Wolfpac" A.J. Hale: Phoenix Kid, you don't get why the fans are booing at you? Well, let me tell you something. They are booing you because you don't show the respect to fans. As for me I give my respect to the fans because I gave them everything that I've got in that ring as either as a champion or as a competitor. For me these fans are here to see the best wrestler in the history of the world. I'm here to be the best for the fans, for my family, for my friends, and for all of the people around the world. And to the best I've got to have something to become the best and that is the World Heavyweight Champion. I've waited all my life to get a shot of that title. Tonight, after I win my cage against Iron Golem. At the next ppv I am going to become the New World Heavyweight Champion and become the best wrestler in the history. And you want to know why, because YOU DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON THE.......

A.J. raise his arm to the fans.

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PostSubject: Re: New Beginning   Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:27 pm

The Phoenix Kid hears the fans scream out Wolfpac and he puts his hands to his ears trying to muffle the almost roof raisng cheers. The Phoenix Kid stomps around the ring as the chants continue to reverberate throughout the arena. The Phoenix kid takes his hands off his ears and begins to yell at the fans to shut up.

Spencer:Listen to these fans, they love Ace Hale! And you can see how it is really upsetting our heavyweight Champion.

Jules:You and these fans are both smoking something, Ace Hale hasn't done anything since he has been here and he wants to come out here and try and tell our Heavyweight Champion what to do and not to do and he things he is going to beat the champ.

The Phoenix Kid stands in the center of the ring, his hands at his side he looks out at Ace Hale before raising the microphone to speak

The Phoenix Kid:Is that right? Well I have never turned down a challenge, and I have stepped into the ring against everyone who has been put in front of me and you know what. I have come out on top, you know why, cause I have the biggest prize in this sport and that is the PWE Heavyweight Championship! I have not turned back on fans they turned back on me! All I do is come out here and put show on for fans, I even bled for the fans. And and they were not happy. I come out here to talk bout how all my efforts to make fans happy and they boo! I talk about how Cena, a man I was willing to take under my wing and help to be better, was having problems and the fans booed me. Tonight Ace Hale its about me vs the Kidd but if you want next week on Shockwave I will step into the ring with you and let you see if you can hang with me!

The Phoenix Kid slams the microphone down to the ground and drops to the mat rolling under hte ring and walking up the rampway towards where AJ is standing, once at the top the two men stare at each other as the fans cheer at seeing these two stepping into the ring.
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PostSubject: Re: New Beginning   

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New Beginning
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