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 A Moment of truth.

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PostSubject: A Moment of truth.   Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:16 pm

The fans are once again cheering and going nuts after the shocking outcome of the match for the Bright Star Championship between Maska Sikma and Kat Claus. One of many shocking outcomes to the events of tonight.

Spencer:I think this pay per view is shaping up to be our best Pay Per View ever! I mean wow! The effort the superstars are putting in to winning there matches, and the fans in the packed arena, and the millions watching at home. You can not ask for a better time then what we have right here right now and we still have the Tag Team Championship Match featuring our own wonderful GM William Eagle and his partner Crimson Wrath. Plus not to mention the last blood match for the Television title that pits Sergiy Cena who once again had a bad outing in losing to the Phoenix Kid in a cage match, he defends his title tonight against Doug Beck. Should be a great match! But the one match I know I am looking forward too is the main event tonight. It features the Phoenix Kid once again going up against Ivan Medvedev in a last ride match, but the winner will be the true face of the promotion as he will be crowned the PWE Heavyweight Champion! Jules, tell me your not excited and enjoying this show instead of being a crabby, bitter old man.

Jules:You know what Spencer, If I want to be crabby I will be crabby. I will agree with you that this Pay Per View has been good not sure if it is better then the others. I don't know what your drinking but I don't see much effort by a lot of these superstars many seem to be doing a paint by number. I will admit I am looking forward to the tag match as well as this last blood match because maybe after Sergiy Cena loses again for the I have lost count time. The Television Championship can be put around someone who knows how to win a match. Well we saw the outcome the last time these two stepped into the ring it was the Phoenix Kid coming out Victorious, will this match be better with the title on the line, I don't know but that is a lot at stake in that match.

The arena lights begin to dim and the titon tron kicks to life showing video footage of various matches as I.V. by X Japan begins to play throughout the arena, the fans in the arena erupt into a loud chorus of boos if there were any cheers they are drowned out as the Phoenix Kid makes his way from behind the curtain and stands on the stage for several minutes, before making his way down to ringside and into the ring.

Jules:Listen to those ungrateful fans. I mean really they going to boo the Phoenix Kid who only finished a job that the Iron Golem started and that was to totally destroy that loser Sergiy Cena. These fans should be happy that the Phoenix Kid showed them what he can do.

Spencer:I don't know about that now partner, the actions at the end of the match were a bit much. I mean I understand beating your opponent but to do what he did to Cena after the match. There should be some form of respect for the other opponent.

The Phoenix Kid gets to the bottom of the ramp and jumps onto the apron before grabbing the top rope and launching himself up and over, finishing with a roll through and standing up to his feet, he jumps around in place as he puts his arms out before standing there several moments as the music begins to die down. The time keeper as if on cue enters the ring and hands the Phoenix Kid the microphone before leaving quickly. The Phoenix Kid looks around the boos continuing to fill the arena, but they slowly begin to die down as the Phoenix Kid taps the microphone a few times before speaking.

Phoenix Kid:What have I done? What have I done for you the fans to react the way you react to me? When I was your Television Champion you cheered me and loved me. I lose the Television Championship to that piece of trash Sergiy Cena a man I might add that I have beaten many times. I don't see why you boo me, if anything after last show you should be happy I decided to take out garbage after match. I mean I tried to get him motivated for match against me but I guess he lost fight when he saw he was not going to beat me for a second time.

The crowd in the arena start up a huge "You Suck!" chant. This causes the the Phoenix Kid to look around and put his hands up to his ears as if to try and block the words out. This only causes the fans to chant it even louder, which now sees the Phoenix Kid stomping in the ring with his hands still to his ears trying block it out.

Jules:See there are those ungrateful fans again, I think they got it messed up. It's not the Phoenix Kid who sucks, its Sergiy Cena who sucks. I hope that the Phoenix Kid will be able to get through what he has to do without anymore interruptions.

Phoenix Kid:No! No! No! You fans have it wrong, I don't suck in fact I am so good that tonight in the main event. That's right again I am main eventing. Our wonderful and most gracious GM William Eagle again as seen fit to place me in the main event. Not only am I in the main event but I also get a chance at the vacant PWE Heavyweight Championship. I am most thankful to our GM for allowing me a shot at becoming face of this promotion as really, I did not see anyone better. But this now becomes moment of truth for yours truely. You see it won't be an easy match for me to becoming the next PWE Champion, I have to do battle in a last ride match against a semi worthy opponent who I have fought before that being Ivan Medvedev. Our last match was good match, I did come out victorious in match but Ivan put better fight then Cena did. I know that Ivan Medvedev is fighter and wants to be champion as well. So I will not be able to take match lightly as if I slip up, he becomes your world heavyweight champion instead of me. The Japanese Sensation the Phoenix Kid. You know you fans should like the sound of that. It does have a nice ring to it. I mean the PWE Heavyweight Champion The Japanese Sensation the Phoenix Kid. That sounds good, you fans should be happy that when I win belt It will have good home around my waist. Now if you excuse me I need to prepare for my match tonight and I know you want to watch our GM and Crimson Wrath beat the holy living out of the Wolfpac World Order.

The Phoenix Kid drops the microphone to the mat and makes his way out of the ring and up the rampway as the time keeper quickly crawls in to grab the microphone. The fans boo the Phoenix Kid as he continues to make his way up towards the curtain and to the back.

Spencer:If I didn't know better I would say that the Phoenix Kid is getting cocky. Cocky isn't good he should know this. If he looks past his opponent tonight he will lose.

Jules:You think he was being cocky? Are you kidding me?!? Cocky, that wasn't cocky that was confidence there is a difference between the too, look it up. Nothing wrong with being confident before you match, fact better to be confident then unsure, but you wouldn't know this as you have never stepped foot inside that ring and you have never wrestled for any type of gold. I am looking forward to the rest of the night now. Ladies and Gentlemen lets take you to the ring for the PWE Tag Championships
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A Moment of truth.
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