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 Arrival to the big show.

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PostSubject: Arrival to the big show.   Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:28 pm

The arena is set for tonight's pay per view, some of the fans are sitting in there seats talking with other, other fans are waiting in the concession lines making sure to get there favorite food and drink, while others still are standing in long lines at the merchandise booth waiting to buy t-shirts, action figures, DvD's and other assorted items of there favorite superstars. Those few fans who are still waiting to get into the arena look about and around, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of there favorite wrestler. The weather is bright and sunny with a slight wind blowing from the south as a high pitch whining sound appears to be heard off in the distance, those fans who are standing outside turn to try and face the direction of the sound. In the distance those fans make out what appears to be a small black spec that is fastly getting closer by the second, one headlight is all that is seen but the whine gets louder and louder.

The fans outside begin to notice the bike that gets closer, and then proceeds to slow down before turning into the driveway and parking off in the distance. All the fans outside have now focused there attention to the person getting off the bike. As the Phoenix Kid gets off the bike and removes his helmet a chorus of boos are heard outside, a camera man who happens to smoking a ciggerate quickly goes to a live feed that allows everyone in the arena, either sitting in there seats or waiting in line to see the Phoenix Kid standing there next to his bike. Some Cheers are heard but the boos outnumber the cheers. The Phoenix Kid turns to see the crowd outside waiting to get in and walks towards them but decides against it as he hears the boos and some name calling tossed his way. The Phoenix Kid ignores the fans and heads towards the door that is reserved for wrestlers only. The Phoenix Kid shakes his head unsure but then proceeds to walk down the hallway to the locker room to get ready for the show.

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Arrival to the big show.
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