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 possible mistake.

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PostSubject: possible mistake.   Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:09 pm

The opening Pyro goes off for the next edition of Shockwave, the camera is seen panning around the stadium, fans are screaming and waving and holding signs of there favorite wrestlers who they look foward to see tonight. Jules and Spencer prepare to welcome the fans when the arena darkens and I.V. by X Japan begins to play throughout the arena, the fans are on there feet and welcome The Phoenix Kid with a chorus of boos and a few people cheering. The Phoenix Kid stands on the top of stage as he pulls the curtain aside, his black trench flows behind him as he begins his way towards the ring.

Spencer:I was about to welcome the fans to this weeks edition of Shockwave but I will take the interruption from the Phoenix Kid who came off an impressive win against Ivan Medvedev. You know who didn't do well though Jules was Sergiy Cena. He got knocked out in his match last week against Iron Golem. Flash in the pan, one hit wonder, lady luck was on his side.

Jules:I will admit the Phoenix Kid was impressive last week in his match and Cena did give us another one of his lackluster performances but Iron Golem isn't exactly an easy opponent. I hate having to agree with you sometimes Spencer but sometimes there is no way around when your right, your right.

Spencer has a big smile on his face as the Phoenix Kid makes his way to the ring and has entered the ring, his music begins to die down as the fans boo's continue to ring throughout the arena. The Phoenix Kid just stands there before motioning for a microphone which he is given, he turns it on taps it several times and then begins to speak.

Phoenix Kid:Welcome fans to another edition of Shockwave, I know, I know, you were expecting something else but this is what I give you. Now I am not trying to toot own horn as you Americans say but I have footage I would like for you fans to watch. Roll the first tape.

Phoenix Kid Climbs The Turnbuckles As Opponent Is Laying On The Mat And Throws Out The Double Dueces Before Backflipping Into The Ring executing The Phoenix Choas
Phoenix Kid pulls Ivan Medvedev still groggy, by his hair
Phoenix Kid grabs his opponent and takes his head downwards
then he jumps to crush his head down by performing a Fantastic Jumping Piledriver!!
Phoenix Kid Climbs The Turnbuckles As Opponent Is Laying On The Mat And Throws Out The Double Dueces Before Backflipping Into The Ring executing The Phoenix Choas
Phoenix Kid bounces on the ropes
and dives with an Fantastic Asai Moonsault on Ivan Medvedev!!
Referee starts counting...

The Phoenix Kid is shown with his hand raised in victory as he holds his stomach with his free hand.

Phoenix Kid:That was pretty, was it not. I mean Ivan Medvedev put up a good challenge and I thought I might actually lose match, but in the end my athletic greatness came through and I won match.

Spencer again gets a smile on his face as the fans have taken to booing as loud as they can at the way the Phoenix Kid is acting. The Phoenix Kid stands there in the ring almost admiring the job he did. He waves his hands and the Titan tron kicks to life and shows the Iron Golem Sergiy Cena match.

Iron Golem put an Iron Plate on the mat grabs Sergiy Cena
in an one arm head lock then jumps into the air and slams his head onto the Iron Plate executing LEGENDARY Iron D D T!!
Iron Golem is about to perform his taunt
Sergiy Cena capitalizes on his opponent's distraction and jumps on him!
catching Iron Golem off guard!
Sergiy Cena hurls the leg preparing the blow
and hits him on the face with a light Roundhouse Kick!!
Sergiy Cena lifts his opponent
and hurls him down with an strong Olympic Slam!!
Sergiy Cena grabs Iron Golem's hair
Sergiy Cena grabs one Iron Golem's arms and spins, swinging him into the ropes, then lunges himself as well
Sergiy Cena hooks Iron Golem from behind
and attempts a pinfall with a light Backslide Pin!!
the ref stands there trying to tell Cena the match can not end via pinfall
Sergiy Cena is about to perform his taunt
Sergiy Cena Waves His Hand Near His Face And Than Up executing A You Can't See Me
Sergiy Cena bounces on the ropes
diving with an strong Asai Moonsault on Iron Golem!!
Iron Golem interrupts his opponent's attack sequence
Iron Golem open his arms ready to hit Sergiy Cena
and hits Sergiy Cena on the face with the palms of the hands performing a light Mongolian Chop!!
Iron Golem charges his arm
and strikes his opponent with a strong Elbow Smash!!
Iron Golem knocks Sergiy Cena down
Sergiy Cena is lying on the mat!!!
referee starts the count!
Referee: "Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
Referee: "Twooooooooooooooooo!!!"
Referee: "Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
Referee: "Foooooooooooooooour!!!"
Referee: "Fiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
Referee: "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix!!!"
Referee: "Seveeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!"
Referee: "Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!"
Referee: "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!"
Referee: "TEEEN! OUT! Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!!!!"

Sergiy Cena is seen laying on the mat, his chest moving slowly up and down, his eyes closed, his face covered with blood as the Iron Golem has his hand raised in victory. The fans cheer at the outcome as the Iron Golem heads out of the ring and up the rampway as Sergiy is seen still laying there and being attended too by the medics.

The second video cuts off leaving a blank screen as The Phoenix Kid stands in the ring almost a smile on his face as he begins to speak.

The Phoenix Kid:I don't know bout you fans, but I don't think that is how a television champion is supposed to look after winning belt. I mean maybe Cena was just lucky against me because looking at that match I couldn't tell what was going on. But that is ok that fans is your new Television Champion who was laying on back when match was over. Had that been me, the result would have been Iron Golem on back and me having arm raised in victory.

The fans in the arena start up another chorus of boo's and a Cena chant begins to follow up, this makes the Phoenix Kid turn his head as if he is confused or puzzled as to why the fans would be chanting his name.

Jules: I think our fans are beginning to lose there minds here, they are chanting a loser in Sergiy Cena and yet booing the Greatness that is that of the Phoenix Kid. I am liking how the Phoenix Kid is coming out here and his new I guess you could call it swagger.

Spencer: I don't know what to call it but I do know that the fans are showing they like like Cena. As for the new Phoenix Kid not too sure if I like it or not as it just doesn't seem to fit him as much as you say it does.

Phoniex Kid:As for reason I am out here, I overheard last week that our wonderful GM William Eagle was going to be watching the matches to see who should get the chance to be the next PWE Heavyweight Champion. I must say I like that as my athletic greatness would make me an excellent Heavyweight Champion and once again I would be your champion. No need to boo me, you American fans need to cheer my greatness. I do hope that when all is said and done I am battling for biggest prize in company that being the PWE Heavyweight Championship of the World.
But before I get ahead of self, I tonight will once again step into ring with the current Television Champion Sergiy Cena. A man who I feel doesn't deserve title as I have shown with video. We are going to be stepping into the cage again, I do hate cages though I did come out victorious against the loser last time. I shake my head and wonder sometimes why Sergiy even got into this sport. GM want us to lock it up, we lock it up. I do hope that Sergiy brings some fight with him as I would hate to have a boring match even if it is inside a cage. I mean, I know that you the fans like to watch a true superstar in action and not one who pretends to be a wrestler.

The boo's get even louder as the Phoenix Kid stands in the ring, he drops the microphone to the mat and exits out of the ring, making his way up to the curtain and to the backstage area, the fans continue to boo but he pays them no heed.

Jules:I'll be damn! That should be a hell of a main event, even though I do agree with The Phoenix Kid that Sergiy doesn't belong in this sport and should probably get out. This to the fans, that is why fans are not to be trusted as it looks like The Phoenix Kid is finding out. They like you one minute and then turn on you the next.

Spencer:I have to agree with you. It should be one hell of a main event, you do gotta love the matches that our GM William Eagle puts together week after week. I don't know though if I would call Sergiy a loser, or say that he needs to leave the sport. I think he just needs to have focus and clarity. Oh our first match is bout to get underway lets take it up to ringside.

*adjusted for cage match*
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possible mistake.
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