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 a statement?

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PostSubject: a statement?   Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:58 pm

The opening Pyro has gone off as the next edition of Shockwave prepares to go live broadcasting around the world and into the homes of the PWE. The arena is packed as has become the norm with each show as the product has been getting bigger and better each week. The camera is seen panning around the arena as Jules is heard in the background as the camera turns to focus on both Spencer and Jules.

Jules:Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting week of Shockwave. As you know I am Jules Sanchez and this is my broadcast partner Spencer Spaz and tonight should be another outstanding night of Shockwave wrestling. I can not wait to see what fallout happens from last weeks show, what about you Spencer?

Spencer:Yes I would have to say that I am looking forward to what ever fallout is going to happen and I wonder what our GM will have to say if anything at all.

Jules:I have to agree with you, um hey what the hell!

The arena begins to go dark and is then proceeded to be lit up by various color lights. The intro of I.V. begins to play throughout the arena causing the fans to to boo with a mixture of cheers. The song plays for several minutes and the lights focus on the curtain but The Phoenix Kid doesn't come out.

Spencer:Um what is going on? I mean this is the Phoenix Kid's music, I am actually looking forward to see him come out this week and speak as I am sure he will have something to say after his loss in the cage to Bomber and at the Pay Per View when he lost his title to Sergiy which I found a shock that Sergiy won that match.

The song continues to play and the curtain remains closed, finally there is movement behind the curtain and the Phoenix Kid steps out wearing a pair of blue jeans, with a white tank top shirt, on his feet are a pair of cowboy boots. The fans continue with the mix of boo's and cheers as some fans still like him and other fans hate him for the way he acted before the match against Sergiy. The Phoenix Kid makes his way down towards the ring, ignoring fans who try and reach out to touch him. He gets to the bottom of the ramp way and makes his way to the steel steps which he proceeds to climb, standing on the ring apron before entering the ring between the middle and the top rope. Jules looks on with a semi confused look as he doesn't know what to expect. Spencer has moved slightly to the edge of his seat as the Phoenix Kid stands in the ring and motions for a microphone. The time keeper climbs up onto the ring apron and meets the Phoenix Kid who takes the microphone and walks back to the center of the ring as his music dies down.

Phoenix Kid:You know, It has been long while since I have found self in situation where I am. I am out here tonight to get some things off chest so please, please bear with me. I know that some of you maybe even all of you thought I was wrong for my statements I made at the Pay Per View before my match with Sergiy, which I ended up losing as he seemed to find a way to beat me. Maybe I got to cocky, maybe he got lucky. I also ended up losing last week on Shockwave to Bomber in a steel cage match. I should have won that match as I felt like I was better athlete.

The fans in the arena begin to slowly boo the last comments, which doesn't seem to phase the Phoenix Kid as he stands there in the ring, letting the boo's die down before he speaks.

Phoenix Kid:I know, I know, you fans are beginning to resent me, you fans are thinking that I am forgetting everything I have said since I have been here, but that is not case. I still go out here every night and I put all my heart into each match. I do this for you fans, and I wish that you fans could see how much I enjoy doing this for you. Even if there are times I know that I am the better athlete and I should win my matches.

Spencer:You know Jules I am really starting to like this Phoenix Kid, he seems to have found his spot and it is nice to hear him be truthful instead of trying to hide it, like I knew he was this whole time.

Jules:I still think your wrong, I just think he is confused and lost after all the events that have transpired lately. I think he doesn't know how best to proceed.

The chorus of boo's begin to pick up and get louder, again the Phoenix Kid doesn't appear fazed by the reaction as he stands there in the ring waiting for the noise to die down.

Phoenix Kid:I don't get it. Why are you people booing me? Are you all going to hate on me for speaking what I feel, I know and you the fans know that I am a top athlete. I held that Television Title for awhile. I defended said title week in and week out and I was able to defeat those who stepped into the ring with me. I don't see why you would be booing what is greatness. I mean yeah I lost my title at Pay Per View, and yeah I had a loss last week against the Bomber in a steel cage match, but I am still the same Phoenix Kid who comes out here every night busting my tail to make you fans happy. I am only here for you the fans, yet you want to boo me, for stating facts? What is wrong with people, don't you see greatness when it stands in front of you?

Jules looks to Spencer who has an almost big smile on his face as the Phoenix Kid was talking and the fans begin an even louder chorus of boo's throughout the arena. The Phoenix Kid continues to stand there letting the crowd boo till it dies down.

Phoenix Kid:You know, I was going to come out here and try to explain myself to you fans but if you don't want to do nothing but boo me, then go right ahead and be ungrateful. You fans should be happy that I found a way to get Sergiy to actually put his worthless soul into a match. If that was what it took then maybe I should have done that earlier. I may not be Television Champion, but there are other belts in this federation and I will be a champion once again.

The fans boo, as The Phoenix Kid drops the microphone to the mat and makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp way, pushing peoples hands out of his way, avoiding peoples hands when he can. The fans in the arena continue to boo as the Phoenix Kid gets up to the stage and then walks through the curtain to the back.

Jules:I am almost stunned by the actions of the Phoenix Kid here tonight. I don't know what to think right now.

Spencer:I know what to think, he is showing his true colors and I like it, that goody goody fakeness he had has come off finally and his real personality is coming through, I told you Jules that there was something he was hiding and we saw more of it today. Anways lets take up to the ring for our first match.
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a statement?
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