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 Trouble in the GM Office

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PostSubject: Trouble in the GM Office   Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:14 pm

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*J Cole knocks on the Gm office door*

J.Cole: Hey William, How's it been?

(GM Segment)

J.Cole: I'm great I can't complain after last week win over Falcon I feel confident and I felt on top of my game and was very please to the response of the PWE Universe, its great to be back and the crowd gave me an excellent welcome back last week.

(GM Segment cont'd)

J.Cole: I've been very busy in the gym for the last few week, I feel like a submission king now but there is far more to go until i become a the king of PWE and for me to become a king I need to be a champion and I'm ready to take my career to the next level.

(GM Segment cont'd)

J.Cole: Well If going to be the best I need to beat the best and if i can't beat em' I will join them so I willing to work with the best superstars in PWE to help me work on my wrestling technique. I spend alot of time on power lifting and boxing but wrestling is much different from boxing but I've plan on going to Japan and China to technion schools but I don't think I can master it.

(GM Segment cont'd)

J.Cole: My future is bright and my career is in your hands because you are my boss and I'm happy with the progress of PWE. I think we will be on top of the fed list soon and for us to be on top all of our superstars need to support us in positive ways.

(Gm Segment cont'd)

(Falcon segment starts as he interrupts)

J.Cole: Wait !Wait !Wait ! You can't just come and interrupt me when I am talking at least say excuse me because I don't like it when anyone does me that and when they do they get a beat down and after what i did to you last week I'm sure u won't want it happen again tonight so watch yourself.

(GM gets a call and disappears from the scene backstage)

(J.Cole slaps Falcon and tell him next show me respect)

(Falcon brawl segment with J.Cole) -

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Trouble in the GM Office
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