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 Colors in the shows

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PostSubject: Colors in the shows   Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:35 am

Here are the colors I would like to have for my staff. I will not accept any other color. I will also explain the colors I prefer you to use in shows So, please don't make more work for the GM or VGMs.


Jules Sanchez

He is our heel commentary. He is a crabby old wrestler. He doesn't really like much. What makes him happy is pain and suffering. He prefer to cheer for heels. In is wrestling days, he was one of the best heel mexican wrestlers. He won over 50 titles in many different countries. He has wrestlers in every contenant except Antartica.

Spencer Spaz

He is our face commentary. He is a wrestler that just came out of the insane asylum. A friend of William Eagle, he is trying to return to a normal life. The story people say is that he took to many hits to the head, leading him to talk to himself and cause harm to others. He was put in the asylum to figure out what can relax him. Nothing was found, but William Eagle decided to help him back into society.


Keith Ledger

Keith Ledger is a friend of William Eagle. He met William in GPWA when he was GM there. William used him in many little roles. Now, in PWE he is promoted to interviewer. He enjoys everyday of his life. He likes to get to know all the superstars.

Hailey King

Hailey is a cocky woman that won the job by knowing Noelle, William's wife. She bugged his wife to get the job. She said that no other girl deserved the job. William Eagle agreed to use her as one of his interviewers. She is a big fan of the heels, as she prefers the bad boys.

Any other staff that you use in your role plays(ex. Cameraman or Security) will be the color Cyan

As for your color you can choose any color, but please stay with that color your whole career here in PWE. No yellow or white please.
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Colors in the shows
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