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 Violent Breed Lawmed

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PostSubject: Violent Breed Lawmed   Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:03 am

The camera fades to the greenroom .

Hailey King: Well once again I am joined by Lawmed the Destroyer who has ben extremely focused and has ben stringing together impressive match after impressive match. Lawmed it looks like your focus has paid off quickly with a title match tonight for the Violent Breed Championship.

Lawmed the Destroyer: As I said earlier I am focused on being the best I can be, titles will take care of themself.

Hailey King: That seems to be a very nonschellant attitude. However I can't argue with the results. So what do you think about matching up with Airwave in an I Quit match?

Lawmed the Destroyer: Well I certainly am not going to be the one who says those words. I plan on continuing my focused domination and walking away as not only the victor but as the Violent Breed champion.

The camera fades back to ringside.
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Violent Breed Lawmed
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