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 Last chance

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PostSubject: Last chance   Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:08 am

The fans have been on the edge of there seat the entire night for this the Summer Sin Pay Per View, the arena has been packed to the rafters, the matches having not disappointed as the superstars have been putting on there best effort to date. Sanchez and Spaz are shuffling through there paperwork as they sit at the announce table waiting for the ladder match for the Bright Star Champion to take place. While waiting the intro to IV begins to play throughout the arena, this sends the fans into a loud cheer as through the curtain walks the current PWE Television Champion The Phoenix Kid. Spaz is seen shaking his head as Sanchez has a smile on his face, the light bulbs go off like crazy making a huge flash as the fans snap pictures of one of there favorite superstars. The Phoenix Kid begins to walk down the ring, slapping a few hands here and a few hands there, but looking at him you can tell he has a serious demeanor about him. He gets to the bottom of the ramp way and then slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Standing to his feet as his music plays he walks to the center of the ring and pulls out a microphone.

The Phoenix Kid:Cut the music! I said Cut music!(The music dies down and the fans a lot of them are taken aback by the actions that are going on.) I am out here tonight at the PWE Summer Sin Pay Per View and I am going to be brief. Tonight I step into ring and defend this the PWE Television Title against Sergiy Cena, a man who has let outside things get in the way of him giving good match last time. Now I don't know what GM thinking but I don't feel that Sergiy earned this title shot. But that ok, because after tonight when I remain the PWE Television Champion. It will be the last change that Sergiy will get at becoming Champion. Tonight we are going to go one on one in a last man standing match. This is match that pits endurance, skill, and smarts to outwit opponent and be last man standing at 10 count. I have been in many of these matches and these can be brutal. I guess it would seem fitting that Sergiy's last chance is a Last Man Standing match. If he doesn't win this time, then I think he needs to just quit.

The fans in the arena seem to not like the words coming out of the champions mouth and a chorus of boo's begin to echo throughout the arena. Spaz begins to get a huge smile on his face. Sanchez also isn't sure what to make of the statement by The Phoenix Kid. The Phoenix Kid stands in the ring for a few seconds longer, the small chorus of boo's begins to die down as he puts the microphone up to his lips to speak again.

The Phoenix Kid:Please, Please understand. I love to come out here every night and put a show on for you the fans. But I am just finding it hard to step into ring with Sergiy and put this title that I have proudly worn and proudly defended for you the fans against him. I mean surely there is other talent that wants to step into the ring against me, I mean Sergiy can not be the only one who wants to try and take this title from me. I mean Sergiy just hasn't been able to bring it. I hate to put on bad show for you fans who pay hard earned money. It breaks my heart, it really does break heart.

The boo's in the arena continue to get louder as more fans begin to join in, this causes The Phoenix Kid to look around the arena almost as if he can not believe that the fans are turning on him for his comments that he has made. The Phoenix Kid puts his hands to his head as he drops the microphone to the ground and begins to slowly exit the ring and make his way up the ramp way stopping every now and then to look at the fans who have gone from cheering him to booing him. The Phoenix Kid appears to not understand what happened and slowly makes his way up the stage and behind the curtain. Spaz looks to Sanchez and grins

Spaz:I told you partner, The Phoenix Kid was hiding something. Listen to these fans give it to him now that he has shown his true colors. I knew he was hiding something did you hear the venom in his voice? Did you hear the almost glee he had in telling Cena that he sucked and after this he would not get another title shot. I love it, I mean wow! Listen to these fans. Come on now, Jules admit to me. Admit to me that I was right and you were wrong.

Jules Sanchez:I...I...I don't know what to make of this to tell you the truth, but I do have to agree with him that Sergiy doesn't deserve another chance, but the GM feels that he does. Even you partner agreed that he was horrible the last time these two fought in the cage match. Even though in the tag match Sergiy got the pin on Matthews. But I may have to agree with you partner. It would seem that The Phoenix Kid is showing a dark side to him. An almost discontent if you will, I am going to hold my judgement till after the match as it appeared that The Phoenix Kid is unsure of himself and wasn't sure if he words were right. It was almost as if he expected a different reaction then what he got.

The boo's die down as the announcers turn there attention to the ring announcer who begins to call the next match.

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Last chance
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