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PostSubject: Lights...Camera....Falcon   Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:13 am

(Fades In)

[Fireworks are going off with a pan over the crowd going wild "It's Tuesday Night Tactics!" You hear from the commentator Spencer Spaz]

Spencer Spaz: Here we are live with Tuesday Night Tactics! A while do we have great match ups tonight! First off we have Clean Cut v.s. Joe Hunter and a Last Man Standing match now won't that be great! And we also have someone coming out tonight to talk about something......and here he comes now!

[Falcon's music hits and the crowd gives him mixed reactions. He comes out and does his thing doing "Bird Caws" all down the arena ramp than hops in the ring and begins to speak.]

Falcon: Is it just me or am I amped up for this match tonight? I got my rematch and I will seal the deal. I will beat J. Cole here tonight and prove to all you hatchlings that his last win was a mistake. If it's possible, I want him to come out right now if he wants to get this match started right away.

[The crowd begins to chat J. Cole's name]

(J. Cole send RP back in response)

Jules Sanchez: Now this the kind of action that I'm into this guy looks like he might make it somewhere.

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