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 Shockwave 3

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PostSubject: Shockwave 3    Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:50 am

Saturday Night Shockwave
Aug 4,2012- 10PM Forum Timezone
Aug 5,2012- 5AM TWG Timezone

Bright Star Tournament: Clean Cut Vs. Apollo
Bright Star Tournament: Maska Sakima Vs. Cameron Sharpe
Steel Cage: Aj Hale Vs. Iron Golem
Jason Dennis & Kat Claus Vs. Lamotta & Ivan Medvedev
Last Man Standing: ART-Michael Vs. the Kidd
Steel Cage: Freshman Vs. John Jessie
Phoenix Kid Vs. Doug Beck
Crimson Wrath & Eagle vs. Jarzan & Pyrox
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Shockwave 3
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