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 A Focused Destroyer

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PostSubject: A Focused Destroyer   Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:00 pm

The camera fixes in on the weight room, Lawmed the Destroyer is seen finishing up an intense workout. Hailey King approaches with mic in hand.

Hailey King: That looked pretty intense.

Lawmed the Destroyer: It was Hailey. I am 100% focused on being the best and that means my workouts must be the same. There is no longer time to do anything half way.

Hailey King: What do you mean there is no longer time?

Lawmed the Destroyer: I used to just go through the motions, taking for granted that my size alone was enough for me to dominate the wrestling game. I have found out that here in PWE is a level of competition that pushes me. I want to be the dominant force that I am ment to be so the time has come for me to be focused in all aspects. I must push myself in order to better destroy my competitors.

Hailey King: Well you certainly have ben focused in the ring of late like you told me you were gonna be several weeks ago. Do you have championship gold in mind?

Lawmed the Destroyer: At the moment championships aren't on my mind. My remaining focused is going to lead to more wins which will lead to title shots in time. I am going to crush and destroy whoever I get into the ring with and I am going to continue to inflict pain upon all superstars stupid enough to be my opponent.

Hailey King: Well you have ben very impressive the last couple of weeks and I am sure with your newfound focus that you will continue that.
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A Focused Destroyer
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