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 Falcon's Bio

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PostSubject: Falcon's Bio   Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:42 am

Wrestler Name: Ryan Phoenix
Wrestler Nickname: Falcon
Wrestler Level: 11
Wrestler Type: Technical
Wrestler Height: 5'9
Wrestler Weight: 184 pounds
Wrestler Age: 19
Face or Heel: N/A
Wrestler Attitude: More to himself. Like a CM Punk style
Willing to Tag: Yes
Wrestler's Style: Jericho's technical skills. CM Punks muy thai skills. RVD's high flying skills.

Your RP Ability: 4??

Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: Yes

Finishers: Falcon Punch, Pain Without Love, The End of the Line

Falcon Pulls out Three Days Grace
and they begin to sing executing Incredible Pain Without Love

Falcon Tosses his opponent high into the air and begins to gather energy up by getting the crowd hyped up
then, he jumps into the air and lands on his opponents back and plants him down onto the apron and finally picks his opponent up to unleash a "Falcon Punch" executing LEGENDARY The End of the Line

Trademarks: Modificated Falcon Grip, Modified Aerial Slam, Demented Falcon Smash

Falcon gets on the top turnbuckle raising his fists held together
and leaps toward Sonakay quickly lowering them, performing a powerful Demented Falcon Smash

Falcon grabs his opponent by his hips
to throw him back by performing a powerful Modified Aerial Slam

Falcon grabs his opponent's leg
and locks his leg against the shoulder to execute a light Modificated Falcon Grip

Taunts: Super Caw, Aerial Stance, Birds Eye-view

Falcon makes a bird sound in a high pitch chant executing An Super Caw

Falcon Gets on the top of the ropes and gets in a bird stance executing A Ariel Stance

Falcon bends into a running position and watches his target as if they were a prey while the crowd chants "Falcon!" executing A Birds Eye-view

Catch Phrase: There's only one way to go.
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Falcon's Bio
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