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 "Angry Bird"

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PostSubject: "Angry Bird"   Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:04 am

(Fade In)

[Keith Ledger is interviewing Falcon backstage on his last match against J. Cole but Falcon doesn't seem to be too happy about it.]

Keith Ledger: So Falcon, how do you feel about your match against J. Cole last week on PWE Tactics?

[Falcon looks at him angrily and begans to speak]

Falcon: Well obviously I'm pissed off about it. I was just that close to winning the match and he just somehow rolled me up and all I remember after that was 1-2-3. Can you believe that! That was bull crap and very unprofessional. I believe I deserve a rematch so I can show him cheaters never prosper and he deserves to be in a stretcher.

Keith Ledger: Those are some very strong words you're using. Well he has a match against Myrith tonight. Anyway, how do you feel about your match against Silverola tonight?

[Falcon smirks and begins to look devious then proceeds to talk]

Falcon: Let's just say I will be sending a message to J. Cole tonight. She doesn't stand a chance against my "Falcon Punch" or my "Pain Without Love". This will be like a death match only I will be the one that's victorious.

Keith Ledger: Well I hope that you're ready because you're up next. So good luck!

[Falcon then looks at him angrily]

Falcon: Take your luck and shove it up your a**.

[Falcon then walks away stretching to get prepared for his match]
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"Angry Bird"
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