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 I Kan Haz Cheezburger?

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PostSubject: I Kan Haz Cheezburger?   Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:16 am

Keith Ledger is backstage

Keith Ledger: "Last week was, umm... Well, I don't know. But Kat Claus will have his debut match tonight, and I will interview him."

Kat Claus walks up to Keith

Kat Claus: "I kan haz?"

Keith Ledger: "Huh?"

Kat Claus: "Meowldy cheeseburger!"

Claus scrambles away as Keith chases after him

Keith Ledger: "Wait!"

Claus runs into the cafeteria

Keith: "I got him now!"

Claus is now seen standing on the entrance to get a cheeseburger

Lunchlady: "Ok hun, what do you want today?"

Claus: "I kan haz meowldy cheezburgerz?"

Ledger walks away, shaking his head as the screen fades away
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I Kan Haz Cheezburger?
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