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PostSubject: Questions.   Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:52 pm

Jules:This show keeps getting better and better every week! The matches we showcase for the fans also get better and better. I can not wait for tag team match pitting Crimson Wrath teaming up with our very own GM William Eagle as they take on Jarzan and the Freshman to close out the show.

Spaz:You know partner for once I have to agree with you. The action of PWE has been pretty top notch and it shows by the number of fans who turn into our shows every week and the buy rates we get for our PPVs. I will also agree with you for a second time tonight has been a great night and I am looking forward to this tag match between Crimson Wrath teaming up with our great GM William Eagle to take on Jarzan and the this Freshman character.

Before the Ghetto Blaster v Rossi match even starts, the arena lights begin to dim causing the fans and the announcers to look up at the titan tron, which is displaying various colors and images of very little importance. X-Japan's I.V begins to play throughout the arena causing the fans to erupt into a loud cheer, The song plays for a minute as the fans continue to cheer and small chants begin to breakout throughout the arena of "Phoenix Kid! Phoenix Kid! Phoenix Kid!" The chants begin to get louder as the song continues to play.

Spaz:Are you kidding me?!?!? These fans are almost like Zombies, the chant is starting to drive me insane. I don't know if I can take much more of this. These fans are almost as bad as the Obama Zombies who chant Yes we can! Yes we can!

Jules:What? Is your night going to be ruined now because our current reigning Television Champion the Phoenix Kid is making an appearance? And really calling the fans zombies, and claiming that there as bad the people who voted for Obama and chant when he speaks? I think you may need a good drink at this rate.

The Phoenix Kid steps onto the stage as he pulls the curtain aside soaking in the cheering and chanting of his name by the fans. His Television Championship belt seems to sparkle and shine from the lights as it is still around his waist, he begins to make his way down the isle way, slapping hands of the fans, stopping for photos, and signing autographs. He gets to the bottom of the ramp and stops as he looks to his left to where a young fan about 8 or maybe 9 wearing a Phoenix Kid t shirt that looks to be just a bit big for him. The Phoenix Kid makes his way over to the kid and high fives him, before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out one of his masks, which he places on the kids head. The young fan jumps up and down and shows the mask to those around him as well as mom and dad, who just smile and thank hiim. The Phoenix Kid makes his way to the ring apron and jumps onto it before grabbing the top ropes and springboarding into the ring, rolling into a ball and standing to his feet in the center of the ring. The music continues to play, the fans continue to cheer and chant his name. Spencer is seen just shaking his head in disbelief over what is going on, and Jules is semi laughing to himself. The music dies down and The Phoenix Kid reaches into his black trench and pulls out a microphone which he taps several times to make sure it is on. The fans begin to die down as he puts the microphone to mouth to speak.

Phoenix Kid:Thank you, your too kind. Thank you, your too kind. I am out here tonight because even though I still Television Champion, I am not happy. If you will direct attention to titan tron and watch video, I will explain.

The titan tron kicks to life and the last bits of his cage match with Sergiy begins to play.
Sergiy Cena grabs one of the opponent's legs, and places the opponent's ankle between his thighs,
Phoenix Kid grabs the lower rope, hindering the execution of the a STF
Phoenix Kid springs off the top rope and leaps on his opponent lying on the ground
and hits his opponent with a Incredible Springboard Moonsault!!
Phoenix Kid sits Sergiy Cena facing the crowd on the turnbuckle Phoenix Kid uses the ropes to climb up and jump wrapping his legs around the head of Sergiy Cena locking in a reverse head scissors
Phoenix Kid then falls backwards flipping Sergiy Cena over so that there head is between Phoenix Kid's legs before driving Sergiy Cena head into the mat on the crown of his head then covering for the pin executing HardCore Spyder!!
The match cannot end with a pin fall
Phoenix Kid climbs quickly on the turnbuckle, jumping backwards
landing on Sergiy Cena with a Incredible Moonsault!!
Phoenix Kid is about to perform his taunt
Phoenix Kid Climbs The Turnbuckles As Opponent Is Laying On The Mat And Throws Out The Double Dueces Before Backflipping Into The Ring executing The Phoenix Choas
Phoenix Kid start to climb the steel cage
Phoenix Kid starts to climb the steel cage
Phoenix Kid reaches the top of the cage
Phoenix Kid climbs over the top bar and moves to the outer side
and finally leaves the cage!

The Phoenix Kid bloodied and weak stands on the outside of the cage as the fans erupt into cheering at there TV Champion still holding the belt. Sergiy lies in the center of the ring, his chest is moving up and down slowly after the beating he took in the ring

The video comes to an end and everyones attention returns to the ring, where Phoenix Kid stands mic in hand as he begins to speak.

Phoenix Kid:I don't know what happened to Sergiy during match, as you see here in end it was if he just gave up and did not want to win this belt. The whole match it seemed that he was going through motions. I expected this cage match to be spectacular and one to not forget, but alas it would seem that is not case. Now I don't know if Sergiy had given up before match even start, or if he gave up during match. Either way he did not bring his best game against me. So I would like for Sergiy to come to ring and look me in eye and tell me why he quit in match.

Spaz:I wonder if Sergiy will even show his face after if you can believe it Jules I am going to agree with The Phoenix Kid and say that Sergiy quit during that match. I know it might shock you and the fans watching at home but I am going to agree even though I still feel that The Phoenix Kid is hiding his true self and is just playing with the fans.

Jules:I don't know bout the playing with the fans and hiding something, but I am kind of surprised you actually agreed with him. But it should be interesting to see if Sergiy even comes out to answer, though between me and you Sergiy is a wimp and has nothing to explain as he seemed more hot air then substance.

The Phoenix Kid waits in the ring as do the fans for Sergiy to come down to the ring and reply to what is being said.


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PostSubject: Re: Questions.   Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:26 pm

The Area turned Dark, and Sergiy Cena, seems have happened in front of Kid. And the lights appeared. He too, was puzzled. He shook his head his, mic in his hand and he spoke.

Sergiy Cena: I did not give up, I lost. Fair and square, I had my doubts about winning the match, but I did not give you my best. And For that I am greatly Sorry, both to the fans, and to you. I've lost two matches, well three in a total of me being here. To be honest I had no idea where I was back then, when you climbed out I thought you were still in the ring. And it seemed I was greatly wrong for that. Which cost me the belt. I can't say anything more, other then to ask your forgives. Oh and Spazs, Next time you call me a wimp on Television. I want break your ankle. And then I will pay the fine, So, I suggest you shut the hell up.

He paused, Spaz seemed tensile.

Jules was smiling.

Sergiy turns his attestation back on Kid.

Sergiy Cena: Again, I am sorry Phoenix all I ask is your forgiveness, and the fans. It's highly unlike me to be at the state, maybe I had a lot things on my mind lately, I am not sure. I've been confused, mostly because on Life Sensations, my Girlfriend and all.

He told him, as he extended a hand, hoping Kid would forgive him.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions.   Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:58 am

The Phoenix Kid stands in the center of the ring with Sergiy seeing the hand extended, the fans are all quiet and looking on not sure what to expect. The Phoenix Kid stands there a bit longer and begins to slowly extend his hand out to shake hands but then pulls it back real fast and instead brings the microphone up to speak, the fans are unsure how to take the action that Phoenix Kid did. Some fans begin a small boo, thinking the worst as what boo's there are dies down The Phoenix Kid speaks.

Phoenix Kid:I get where you coming from, I know bout life outside of sport can sometimes get in say you didn't quit but you in fact did quit because you went into match already beaten. I like you Sergiy, I think you have talent, so I am going to give some advice to you, in order to be a champion even if it is just the Television Champion requires dedication, sacrifice and the will to want to be best you can be. No excuse, no outside interference can be allowed to get in way and all times you must give your all or it is all for nothing, these fans they know if you want fans to like you then you need to put all into it.

Serigy shakes his head in understanding his hand still extended in a peace offering, sensing it is not coming he puts his hand to his side and drops his head looking down at the mat, the fans begin to let out a small chorus of boo's but The Phoenix Kid is waving his hand getting them to be quiet signaling he has more to say.

Spaz:Are you kidding me?!?! The Phoenix Kid is out here giving pointers to Serigy a man who has been on a losing streak. What is The Phoenix Kid Dr. Phil now?

Jules:Calm down now, I don't see anything wrong with it. The Phoenix Kid seems to have taken a liking to Sergiy and is trying to help the youngster out so that he can become a superstar. It would seem that the Phoenix Kid wants to see Sergiy succeed.

Phoenix Kid:There is no need to have head down, I see you have real talent, you just need focus and dedication. If you work on focus, Dedication and training you can find great success in this sport. But if we wrestle again I don't feel that title should be on line because you have not earned that right. Now later tonight we are wrestling in tag title match. My partner is John Jessie your partner Pyrox. If I were you I would go get ready for tag match as we both have new people with us.

Sergiy turns to leave but the Phoenix Kid puts a hand on his shoulder stopping him and causing him to turn around. Sergiy turns around and is met with an extended hand, he takes the hand and shakes it, which causes the fans in the arena to cheer as both superstars stand there before each one leaves the ring to go get ready for there match.

Spaz:Damn! It turned into a like fest, I swear The Phoenix Kid is hiding something...I almost thought it was going to come out in the ring.

Spencer:You are reading in too deep here. The Phoenix Kid is out here trying to help Sergiy and he shook his hand out of respect, if he is hiding anything it is what he looks like under the mask. Outside of that I don't know what your hinting at.

Once both wrestlers have left the ring and entered through the curtain the Ghetto Blaster v Rossi match begins.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions.   

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