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 New King on the Block

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PostSubject: New King on the Block   Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:27 am

The scene focusses on the parking lot. A camaraman and Keith Ledger are awaiting a new arrival to PWE. A black Cherokee Jeep pulls into the parking lot. The cameraman zooms in on the Jeep to see who is it that will come out. A native looking guy gets out, he is wearing moccasions and chief head rest. His clothes looks like it was made out of raw hides. Keith Ledger comes over to introduce himself to the guy.

Keith Ledger: Hello, Welcome to PWE. My name is Keith Ledger.

Maska Sakima: Hello, to you to my friend. Am Maska Sakima.

Keith Ledger: That is a nice and unique name. I bet there is a special meaning to your name.

Maska Sakima: It has a meaning to it. In my time with my native reserve, I was a hunter for my family. After that, I decided to play wrestle around with my friends. Every time we fought, I would beat them. When I left to come here, I was given this name.

Keith Ledger: So, will you tell us the meaning then?

Maska Sakima: You know a word of advice is be patient my friend. I was getting to that. The name means "strong king".

Keith Ledger: You were consider a king where you come from?

Maska Sakima: I was announced to become the next chief in my first nation. I loved the sport of wrestling and I couldn't pass up on this opportunity.

Keith Ledger: Already now to why your here. What are your goals and wishes for you in PWE?

Maska Sakima: My goal is to become the King of PWE. It will come with time. I will take my beatings and win my matches. I will prove that I wasn't just the King of the Wilderness. I will be the King of the Wrestling World.

Keith Ledger: Well, your journey to greatness begins with a matche with Jason Dennis? In the battle of the debutting superstars.

Maska Sakima: I have respect for him. He will be a tough opponent to fight. I will be tougher though, I will put my full effort. Jason prepare of a war, and the ring is my battle ground.

Keith Ledger: Ok, thank you for your time. I will allow you to get used to it around here. Welcome again to PWE.

Maska Sakima: Thank you my friend. I will fit in just fine here. Bye

The cameraman follows Maska Sakima into the arena. Keith Ledger continues to do his business.
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New King on the Block
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