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 Steel Cage preparations

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PostSubject: Steel Cage preparations   Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:35 am

The fans are anxious as they wait for the William Eagle vs. Freshamn to start after what was a hot match between Jason Dennis and Maska Sakima. The arena lights begin to slowly dim, which gets the attention of the fans as they look around and up to the stage but are greeted by nothing. The arena darkens as the entrance way is light up by various colors of lights and smoke is seen billowing out from the ground. I.V. begins to play throughout the arena and the fans erupt into a loud chorus of cheers as The Phoenix Kid steps out from behind the curtain and stands on the stage taking in the cheers.

Jules Sanchez:Listen to this crowd as The Phoenix Kid steps out onto the stage. You would think that he was a huge superstar by the reaction that the crowd gives to him. I have heard some reactions by fans for there favorite superstar but I don't know if they have been as loud as this.

Spencer Spaz:Are you kidding me old man. I think you may have drank a little to much before this show started. This kid has been riding a lucky streak, nothing more nothing less. These fans appear to be drunk on the kool aid as well.

Jules Sanchez: You know if I didn't know better buddy I would think that maybe there is a bit of a jealousy in you. I mean really, after all the time this kid has put in working hard and training every day, you are going to still not like the kid...not even a little for what he does.

Spencer Spaz:No jealousy here, just don't like his attitude and the way he interacts with the fans.

The Phoenix Kid makes his way down the isle way towards the ring as I.V. continues to play, the fans continue to cheer and reach out trying to touch him. The Phoenix Kid stops several times and takes photos with the fans near the guard rail before he gets to the bottom of the isle way and stands facing the ring, with the grace of a cat he jumps onto the apron, grabs the top rope, pulls back and launches himself up into the air and over the top rope, rolling as he touches the mat and standing on his feet. The fans continue to cheer and small chants of "Phoenix Kid!, Phoenix Kid!, Phoenix Kid!" begin to break out among the crowd. The Phoenix Kid stands in the ring listening to the fans calling his name and cheering for him as he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a microphone which he taps several times as his music begins to die down. The Phoenix Kid stands in the center of the ring a few more seconds before he begins to speak.

Phoenix Kid:I must say, this is great to hear you fans cheer for me. Also it is great that you fans like what I do in the ring for you. Also I enjoy being Television Champion and hope that I do belt justice. But now for reason I stand out here. I see tonight that I am going to be in steel cage going against sergiy a man who pushed me to limit and almost took title from me. It was good match first time round and I hope that this next match surpasses what our first match was about.

The chants of "Phoenix Kid!" start up again as he pauses, Spencer is seen with a look of disgust on his face while Jules has a smile that shows he appreciates how the fans have taken to him.

Phoenix Kid:Now as for our match being in steel cage, not too sure how much I like the feel of cage as it meets body but it is good. I will go out and defend this title...The peoples title one more time against sergiy inside the contraption called the steel cage. When match is over, I hope that I still have people's belt...because without all you fans cheering for me as well as the other favorites that you have, we wouldn't be here. Sergiy, if you listening and I sure you are. When we fight tonight I expect nothing but your best and may best man win.

The fans cheer and chant his name as he prepares to exit the ring and make his way up the isle way towards the curtain, he still while leaving the ring interacts with the fans, taking pictures and signing autographs. Jules look at Spencer who looks at Jules.

Spencer Spaz:That was sickening, and to think that these fans were eating it up like dogs. I still can not believe that you don't see how he is playing with the crowd. I mean he no long has that humbleness about him, I since a hint of cockiness, maybe arrogance that he can not be beat. As you know I love wrestlers who are like that, there is something about it that makes it good. But it doesn't work with this guy. He needs to just come out with his true self and stop with the games.

Jules Sanchez:I don't see where you are coming from on this kid. From what I saw with him in the ring was thanking the fans, looking forward to his match tonight and is ready to put on a show. Now if you think he is being cocky and arrogant then you maybe the one who is doing the drinking. Well folks our next match is about to begin. It should be a good match as we have two new superstars debuting next in Jason Dennis taking on Maska Sakima
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PostSubject: Re: Steel Cage preparations   Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:55 am

The Ring goes dark, and Sergiy's music plays out. Alone I Break by Korn. HE raises his hands as the darkness fades. He looks at the man taken autographs. And sighs. His mic in his hand as he just looks at Kid. As the fans Cheer, Sergiy Cena, Sergiy Cena, Sergiy Cena.. He walks pass Kid and slid into the ring before signing. And raising his hand towards the mic.

Sergiy Cena: Phoenix Kid, please stay there's something I want you to hear. Kid, You are a very impressive superstar. Hell I am surprised. That you out beat me. Then again I've only been wrestling for two years. Plus I still got a lot of things to learn plus I am still Young. Kid. You did your best, I did my best. We both gave the fans what they wished for. However this Steel Cage match keeps giving me Thoughts How I single Handed everyone on of my other targets that I faced in a cage match with a broken, Ankle. I am going tell you now Kid, Watch out for my Ankle Lock. It's Deadly. May the best man win, Kid. I expect you to bring your best like I would. Everyone, give a applause to our Television Champion. Phoenix Kid. By the way, Kid. I agree to your statement about us Becoming a Tag Team.

Sergiy left the stage, as the fans cheered for him.
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Steel Cage preparations
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