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 Next big thing...

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PostSubject: Next big thing...   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:06 am

Announcer: Introducing next...

Announcer gets interrupted by loud music as unknown wrestler walks towards ring along with his trainer.

*Unknown wrestler grabs microphone from the announcers hand and his trainer pushes him out of the ring*

???: Excuse me for this little accident, let me introduce myself, I am Rastaza.

*Crowd booes on the actions that Rastaza has made*

Rastaza: I don't care if you like me or not, I came in this stupid federation just to become on thing, a true legend.

*Crowd booes loudly on his ambitions*

Rastaza: Along with me, is my trustful trainer, Mirko. He is going to train me to the paths of glory.

Crowd booes on his words.

Rastaza: I am, The Next Big Thing, OH YEAH!

*Crowd continues to boo as Rastaza throws mic on the mat and leaves the ring along with his trainer Mirko, on the way to the exit, he sees a fan holding a poster with a sign BOO, Rastaza takes it and breaks it in half and laughs arrogantly on the way to backstage...*
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Next big thing...
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