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 Kat Claus Enters PWE

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PostSubject: Kat Claus Enters PWE   Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:26 am

Keith Ledger: "We have another newcomer here in PWE. I am going to welcome him or her."

A very tiny cat with a Christmas cap on walks up to Keith

Cat: "Meow."

The cat walks towards the locker room. Ledger runs after the cat

Keith Ledger: "Hey! Wait up! I have an interview to have!!!"

The cat runs faster and runs into a door and Ledger reads the nametag.

Keith Ledger: "Kat Claus? Wait is that cat really Kat Claus... I thought it would be a guy..."

Kat Claus walks out in spandex on his head, still with a Santa cap on top

Kat Claus: "Meow."

The screen fades with Ledger scratching his head
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Kat Claus Enters PWE
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