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 My first match

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PostSubject: My first match   Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:41 am

If possible could this run right before my match?

The camera fades in from a commercial and the fans are all cheering, ready for the next match. Suddenly "Feel so Numb" by Rob Zombie hits and a man rides out on a black and red chopper, wearing a black mask with a red skull on it, a leather jacket, jean shorts, and black boots. He rides down to the ring, grabs a mic, and enters the ring.

Man: So, here I am, back in America. Back for the first time, in quite a long time. Here I am, in PWE. It feels good. It feels good to be here, in front of the fans. Tonight I have a match against Cameron Sharpe. Yeah, look at your match cards tonight, see that? I would be Jason Dennis

Dennis pauses for a second, then some fans start to cheer, and eventually, the whole building lights up with cheers, many from people who have never heard of Dennis before.

Dennis: Now, like I said, I'm up against Sharpe tonight. And Sharpe, after I beat you, I'm coming for The Violent Breed Championship. That sounds like a hardcore title to me. So AirWave, I'm putting you on notice, soon enough, you'll meet my kendo stick.

The fans cheer, and some who have seen Dennis start chanting for the kendo stick Dennis is famous for.

Dennis: Oh, you guys want to see the kendo stick? I'm sorry to say that this isn't a hardcore match, so I can't use it. Just the way it works

The crowd boos, and continue shouting for Dennis to get the kendo stick. Suddenly Dennis runs up the ramp and backstage. He soon comes back out with his kendo stick in hand, and the fans go nuts. Dennis runs back down to the ring.

Dennis: Alright, here it is! Like I said, I can't use it, but I have it.

Suddenly Cameron Sharpe's intro hits, and Dennis gears up for his match.

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PostSubject: Re: My first match   Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:41 am

sharpe feel free to jump in on this and continue it
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PostSubject: Re: My first match   Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:22 pm

I made it u vs. my alt. I didn't know u were blackout(Jason dennis)
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PostSubject: Re: My first match   

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My first match
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