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 Still a champion but barely

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PostSubject: Still a champion but barely   Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:34 am

After the clean cut v Joe Hunter match but before the Lwmed Destroyer v Bomber match, the fans attention is distracted as cheering is heard going on throughout the arena, fans are looking around trying to see who is cheering and why people are cheering. The arena begins to explode with a loud cheer as making his way through the crowd to an empty seat in the front row, behind the security barrier is The Phoenix Kid. The Phoenix Kid gets to his seat and sits down, shaking hands with the little kids, signing autographs for several fans, along with having his picture taken.

Jules Sanchez:I was wondering why the fans were going crazy after what was a great match between Clean Cut and Joe Hunter, both superstars have the potential to be big sellers down the road. Look who bought a ticket to the show and listen to that reaction from the fans. If I didn't know better I would say that The Phoenix Kid has grown on the fans.

Spencer Spaz:Bah! I think your seeing things in your old age. The Phoenix Kid got so lucky in his match against Sergiy. If I didn't know better I would have thought that The Phoenix Kid had bought the ref off.

Jules Sanchez: Spencer, calm down my friend you have to give credit to where credit is do. Sergiy came out and took it to our current reigning Television Champion. But The Phoenix Kid showed why he is the Television Champion, by coming on top with a win. Now I am sure Spencer you and the fans would not have a problem with seeing those two superstars lock up once again, or maybe even form a tag team and go for the tag belts.

Spencer Spaz:What is wrong with you ole man. Yes I agree that the match was deserved and a great way to end the Pay Per View since our Heavyweight Champion had issues but why would you want to see these two lock up again, I mean it is plain as day to me, The Phoenix Kid is starting to become cocky, and over confident...I mean look at the way he panders to the fans.

Jules Sanchez:Really Spencer, are you that hard up to find a way to not like the kid. He goes out every night and puts on a show for these fans and they are showing how much they appreciate it. I see with have Keith Ledger who has made his way down the stairs and through the crowd and is standing there to talk with The Phoenix Kid.

The fans continue to interact with The Phoenix Kid who doesn't take issue and in fact enjoys the interactions as he spots Keith making his way through the crowd over to him.

Keith Ledger:So Phoenix Kid, how does it feel to still be a champion after your match against Sergiy? If you had the chance would you step back in the ring with Sergiy? Did you expect Sergiy to bring his all and push you to the limit? How does it feel to be sitting with the fans and why are you sitting with the fans instead of preparing for a match?

The Phoenix Kid grins through his mask and then stops interacting with the fans to focus on Keith and answer his questions.

You know what Keith, it feel good to still be Television Champion...not for me but for fans as well. It was because of them that I able to retain my title. This title is the peoples title as much as mine. Sergiy was great opponent, he did what he said he was going to do and that was push me. He took me to limit and beyond, it was great match and fans really enjoyed the two of us squaring off with each other. I would give Sergiy another chance to step in the ring against me so that we could give the fans another show. Though this time we not put title on line...Just Kidding Keith, if GM decide to put us in match again and put title on line then I will go out and defend title and hope I can come away with victory and still be champion.

When I look into Sergiy eye's I could tell he was man who would not leave anything on table and would bring full 100% effort to that ring. When we stepped into ring together and did battle the fans were treated to one of the greatest matches, there were several times I thought for sure that he was going to make me tap but it didn't happen. Sergiy has lots of skills and could be a great superstar. Now as for us forming tag team, that I don't know about...It could be good team but it could also end up like tag team of Bryce and Kouji. But of course nothing is out of realm of possibility. IN answser to last question, why I sitting with fans not preparing for match...Because I could be scouting possible opponent who I might face or I might wanna just hang out and enjoy self for once instead of training all time. Besides listen to how these fans are taken to me. It is great feeling and it is nice to make fans happy.

Keith Ledger:Well thank you again Phoenix Kid for the time to talk, I just received word that our next match is about start.

Keith goes out through the crowd who some people reach out and touch him as he makes his way back out. The Phoenix Kid takes a few more pictures and signs a few more pieces of merchandise before sitting down to watch the next match.

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Still a champion but barely
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