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 Falcons Promo

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PostSubject: Falcons Promo   Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:43 am

[Hailey King and Camera-man backstage entering Falcon's locker room while he is warming up for his upcoming match. He's wearing is green and black Eagle Hoodie with green and black Biohazard Headphones. He's busy doing some sort of meditating on one foot listening to bird sounds]

Hailey King: Here's one of the many superstars, Falcon. So Falcon, how do you feel about your match tonight against one of our great superstars, J. Cole?

[Falcon opens one of his eyes and looks over then shuts it again and begins to speak]

Falcon: How do I feel? Am I not always ready? You really came in here and broke my meditation to ask me these pointless questions?

Hailey King: We'll my fault for coming to check up on you before your match. Good Luck

[Falcon turns around and walks out of his locker room angrily]

Falcon: You can keep that crap. I don't need it.
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Falcons Promo
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