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 Lawmed the Destroyer interview

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PostSubject: Lawmed the Destroyer interview   Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:17 pm

The camera fades to the dressing room of Lawmed the Destroyer, he is rythmically beating his head against the wall and repeating I can't believe I lost. Hailey King approaches him, microphone in hand.

Hailey King: Lawmed are you ok?

Lawmed the Destroyer turns toward Hailey, blood flows down his face from an open wound on his forehead.

Lawmed the Destroyer: I will be Hailey, thanks for asking. I can't believe that i somehow managed to lose Airwave at Annihilation.

Hailey King: You guys had a great match.

Lawmed the Destroyer: We did but there is no reason I should have lost, I let myself down. That isn't going to happen again. I am now 100% focused on the task at hand.

Hailey King: What would that task be?

Lawmed the Destroyer: Causing pain to whatever fool is dumb enough to get into the ring with me. Tonight I face a new member of the PWE family, a man named Bomber. Tonight he is gonna bomb as I wreak havoc and destruction upon him.

Hailey King: We have seen you dish out a lot of punishment already here in PWE. Are you saying yopu are going to get more brutal than you have ben?

Lawmed the Destroyer: Yes Hailey i am. In fact anyone who gets in my way is gonna find out the meaning of the word sociopath and the phrase to the pain. I promise you and all the fans of PWE that I am going to bring my career to new heights this season.

Hailey King: I believe that, and I feel sorry for whomever tries to stop you.
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Lawmed the Destroyer interview
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