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 Myrith's Rp

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PostSubject: Myrith's Rp   Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:40 am

Keith Ledger: Where is the new wrestler i am suppose to be interviewing. Well we can't wait anylonger we'll just have to start without him.

Cameraman: Ok get ready...and your on.

Keith Ledger: "Well i was here to do an interview but...."

Whooooooosh! A man of medium build and height wearing a mask and a cape comes up and stands beside Keith Ledger with both arms bent slightly holding his hips in a superhero pose.

Keith Ledger: he is, So Myrith how do you feel about coming over to PWE?

Myrith: I relish every opportunity i get to be a thorn in the side of evil. I have come to PWE to thwart all the heinous plots that evil doers have put in place to cause pain and suffering to the innocent masses of the world. My righeous fury knows no bounds wrongdoers, I will not rest until all the dastardly troublemakers feel the cleansing pain of justice.

Keith Ledger: Ooookay. Well then good luck with that. Tonight you are facing a tough opponent in Silverola, what are your thoughts on the upcoming match.

Myrith turns to face the camera directly

Myrith: Well, Keith, let me tell you I do not know much about my opponent tonight. I do, however, know that I will be going to the ring with truth and justice on my side. Only after my felonious opponents have felt my wrath will they truely be free from the evil within themselves. So have no fear Silverola it will only hurt for a short while, then the Cleansing Pain of justice will fold you back to the good side of society.

Myrith turns back to Keith Ledger, who has a look of utter disbelief on his face, and puts a hand on his shoulder

Myrith: I have to get ready for my upcoming match now but don't worry Keith I protect all the innocent people of the world I won't let the sociopaths of the world get away. Be safe in the knowledge that I, The Super Submitter, is here now, and PWE has become a safer place.

Myrith strikes his signature superhero pose and with another Woooooooosh leaves the view of the camera leaving Keith Ledger alone and fighting for words.

Keith Ledger: Wow. On that note lets get back to the action.
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Myrith's Rp
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