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PostSubject: Old Tag New Tag No Tag   Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:32 pm

The camera shows Keith Ledger walking towards Bryce Brayden's locker room. He is talking to Cameron Sharpe.

Keith Ledger: Hello, Bryce I would like to get some comments on tonights match for the PWE World Tag Team Championships.

Bryce Brayden: Yes, make this quick am in no mood to talk right now.

Keith Ledger: Ok, sorry. What happen to your tag team partner?

Bryce Brayden: I have no idea. He was a member of PWE, now his not. It was probably my fathers fault.

Keith Ledger: I heard news that he received a lucative deal with another federation. Your thought?

Bryce Brayden: I personal don't care. He didn't want to be here anyways. I haven't talked much to him since last PPV.

Keith Ledger: Is Cameron Sharpe going to be your new partner?

Bryce Brayden: I was given short notice about this news, so yes I offered him to be my partner.

Keith Ledger: Do you think that your win tonights match?

Bryce Brayden: With what all happened, am no where prepared. I just hope that tonight me and my new partner win the match.

Keith Ledger: Can you give insight to what is in your future if you lose tonight?

Bryce Brayden: I only have three words of that question. NO MORE TAGGING!!!!

Keith Ledger: Already, thank you for your time. Good luck to you in your match tonight. Back to you at ringside.

The camera fades to black and shows Zora Jenkins wait for the match to start.
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