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 I'm going to get every last bit of your blood Arsenic

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PostSubject: I'm going to get every last bit of your blood Arsenic   Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:34 am

We find ourselves backstage at the Annihilation pay per view. We see many ring workers and PWE staff walking around. As we continue to look around we locate Sophia Ford. She is smiling and then she notices the camera and walks toward it. As she gets closer she begins to talk.

Sophia:"Glad to see there is a camera here as I got a message for that chump Arsenic."

Sophia continues to get closer to the camera before stopping.

Sophia:"Arsenic tonight our little story ends. You see all season we have had a nice little story about you stealing my title and that turned into who is the true future of this company. But tonight it all ends."

Sophia rubs her hands through her hair.

Sophia:"It ends as we fight tonight for my title in a Last Blood match. A match that the only way to win is to knock out your opponent to the point the ref or you say you can't continue. A match that lets me punish you and make you bleed. And Arsenic you need to know this. I'm going make you bleed so much that they will have to give you more once I'm done with you."

Sophia runs her hands through her hair again and smiles.

Sophia:"Because tonight I prove I'm the rightful person to be the Bright Star Champion not some chump who has to resort to stealing a title. I prove tonight I'm the future of this company like I did last week by going toe to toe with some of the big guns in this fed. And tonight I prove I'm just plain better than you chump and that I'm born to do this. And Arsenic there is nothing that you can do to stop me."

Sophia pulls her hair back.

Sophia:"So Arsenic make sure my title is nice and clean because tonight its going home with me where it belongs."

And with that Sophia gives a smile and begins to walk off.

ooc over to you arsenic if you want to if not can fade out there
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I'm going to get every last bit of your blood Arsenic
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