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 Season Two: Shockwave 3

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PostSubject: Season Two: Shockwave 3   Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:19 pm

Saturday Night Shockwave
June 16, 2012- 8pm Eastern Timezone
June 17, 2012- 3am TWG Timezone

Welcome to SnS
Blech VS J. Cole
Interviewing the Future
Arsenic VS Konkussion
Lwmed The Destroyers Open Challenge
Lwmed The Destroyer Vs. DefJam
Airwave`s Intro
Hadas VS Airwave
Me Enjoying PWE
QuickFire VS Jarzan
Meeting with Champs
Bryce Brayden + Kouji Tanaka VS Joe Hunter + Rossi
An Announcement
Hermes VS Phoenix Kid
Time To Show Who The Real Future Is!!!
Sergiy Cena VS The French Warrior Alex Kazarian
An Aggravating Interview
Crimson Wrath + Sophia Ford VS Derek Poundstone + Zarachiel Wraith

Tickets Sold: 27.561
Tickets Income: 275.610 Fantaeuros
Tickets Request: 27.561
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Season Two: Shockwave 3
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