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 Getting Back on Track

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PostSubject: Getting Back on Track   Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:11 am

The camera is focussed on Bryce Brayden's personal locker room. Hailey King is waiting at the door, the door suddenly slides open. Hailey cautiously enters the room. She notices Bryce Brayden alone.

Hailey King: Hello Bryce, Can get a word with you?

Bryce Brayden: Yes, you may.

Hailey King: How do you feel tonight?

Bryce Brayden: I feel much better. It is time for me to get back on track.

Hailey King: Where is your tag team partner?

Bryce Brayden: When we are not in a tag match. We train and get ready separately. Why you think we are always together?

Hailey King: It was just a question. What do you have to say about your opponent tonight?

Bryce Brayden: What's the guys name again. Oh that's right Joe Hunter. What has he done in this company, that's right nothing. It will stay that way, there is no way I will not lose two weeks in a row.

Hailey King: Later tonight we will see who will face you and your partner for the PWE Tag Team Champs. Any thoughts?

Bryce Brayden: May the best team win. If the Wolfpac little boys win, I say time for revenge, see you at the PPV. You will not beat the champs twice.

Hailey King: Alright, it's time for your match. Back to you at ringside.

The camera focusses back onto the ring.

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Getting Back on Track
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