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 Wild Beast

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Crimson Wrath


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PostSubject: Wild Beast   Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:22 am

The camera turns on to Derek Poundstone walking into his lockeroom.

Derek Poundstone: Alright, I need to prepare myself to face off with Jarzan. Time for a nice cold can of redbull.

Suddenly the sound of a man screaming approaches from the window. Jarzan appears to be holding on to a vine as he smashes through the window.

Derek Poundstone: What in the hell is going on?! You just dived through that window! Get the hell out of here!

Jarzan begins jumping around the room and on the walls making monkey noises.

Jarzan: Jarzan come to smash you! Jarzan angry, really angry! Me want shiny belt and me no have it. You give me belt and I leave.

Derek Poundstone: Nope, you're not getting this. I earned it fair and sqaure. I'm sure theres another shiny object you'll like just as much.

Derek Poundstone goes to his locker and pulls out a watch, he walks over to the window and throws it out.

Jarzan: Mine, mine, mine!

Jarzans runs to the window and dives out after the watch.
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Wild Beast
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