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 Who cares about Silverola

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PostSubject: Who cares about Silverola   Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:16 pm

As the great fans of PWE are enjoying the action of the event so far the lights die down as Hell on Heels begins to play over the arena speakers. As it plays for a few moments a spotlight shines on the stage where Sophia Ford stands. She smiles before slowly making her way down the ramp.

As she gets close to the ring she takes a slight jog and slides in the ring. She slowly makes her way to her feet and walks over and grabs a mic from the ring announcer. She slowly makes her way to the middle of the ring.

Sophia:"You know it was a good night the other night on Tactics. I walked in the arena and was at ringside as Blech and Arsenic fought. And was very happy with the winner.

Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't have minded fighting Blech again to get some revenge on the fact that he beat me the first week of this season but I want more revenge on that chump Arsenic. That chump that didn't have the decency to bring my title down to ringside with him when he fought Blech.

Of course I know why he didn't. Because he knows I would have took it back and knocked his (censored) out with it. And then went on the pay per view and beat him yet again and knock him out with my title yet again as well. But you know whatever he can keep it for me for a little longer because at the pay per view it is coming back to where it belongs after I defeat him well let me rephrase that after I destroy that chump.

But that is for then and this is for tonight and tonight I face Silverola. Who is Silverola and who cares really who he is. You see Silverola I got bad news for you tonight. Your in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because tonight I plan on running right through you as after I'm done with you tonight then the focus goes right to Arsenic. And me getting to that focus with the momentum that I get from beating you will only make that focus even deeper.

And me focused will be a bad bad thing for Arsenic because he already stands no chance against me but if I'm focused then he stands no chance and I might just end his chump career before it gets started for messing with the wrong girl. But that is for after tonight. And remember Silverola that what happens to you tonight is not my fault. It is the fault of Arsenic."

And with that Sophia lowers her mic and gives a sly smile.

ooc this can be done here or if silverola or arsenic wants to come out and say something can go with that to
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Who cares about Silverola
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