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 Dark Phoenix's interview

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PostSubject: Dark Phoenix's interview   Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:12 pm

Keith Ledger: I'm here tonight with the undefeated Dark Phoenix.

The fans begin to boo

Keith Ledger: So I hear your next match will be against Ghetto Blaster, how do you plan to beat him?

Dark Phoenix grabs the mic away from Keith

Dark Phoenix: I don't have anything to prove to Ghetto Blaster, and I don't have anything to prove to Eagle either. I've just come here tonight to say that nobody can destroy me, because I am the destroyer! I wan't worried when I challenged the champion, because I know I will defeat him and prove to all of you that I am the best there is! I want the fans to feel a chill down their spines when I destroy Ghetto! Muhahaha!

Suddenly the crowd irrupts with a chorus of boos

Dark Phoenix: Oh yeah, and do you want my answer as to how I will beat Blaster?

Keith Ledger begins to back away with a terrified look on his face

Dark Phoenix runs toward Keith Ledger
and kick Keith Ledger''s head executing ULTIMATE Shining Wizard

Dark Phoenix: That is my answer, you trash!

Dark Phoenix leaves the room as Keith lays on the floor unconscious
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Dark Phoenix's interview
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