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 Airwave Interview

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PostSubject: Airwave Interview   Mon May 28, 2012 12:14 pm

Airwave is walking down a hallway backstage. He looks outraged.

Keith Ledger: Hey Airwave, are you okay man?

Airwave: Well, lets see. If you missed Tactics, I tried to have a celebration for the win of the Violent Breed Championship. First, I get interrupted by some clown. But to be honest, White Phoenix, will have to wait because after that Lawmed decided he was going to attack me. That I didn't mind. He hit me with a chair and made me bleed. That doesn't even bother me. I am the Violent Breed Champion! I live for chair shots! But the reason he has really got to me is that he attacked me from behind. I was not given a chance to even defend myself. He says he's going to make my life hell until he has a fair shot. He already had a fair shot and I beat him. But tonight we have a match. There will be pain. So, to answer your original question, Keith, no I am not, but I will be.

Airwave continues to walk down the hallway.
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Airwave Interview
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