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 Rematch against Blotter Boy

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PostSubject: Rematch against Blotter Boy   Fri May 18, 2012 11:04 pm

The fans are ecstatic and being a little rowdy after the match between Def Jam and Joe Hunter, The announcers look at each other and the fans who are excited and happy to be on this edition of shockwave. Fans are shown with big white signs trying to get there sign on the TV.

Jules Sanchez:What a hell of a night we have had so far, there have been some surprises tonight, some expected outcomes and the night is still young. The fans are so excited, it goes to show what happens when you put on a good product.

Spencer Spaz:Bah, Hell of a night my ass...This has been pretty boring by normal standards, I mean where is the suspense, action and down right kick your teeth down your throat?

Jules Sanchez:Now, Now, Spencer don't let your sour demeanor ruin what has been a great night and Bryce and Kouji in tag action coming up next, plus Derick Poundstone the PWE Heavyweight Champion is in action tonight. Oh wait I am being told we have some action taking place in the back.

The titan tron kicks to life and Keith Ledger is seen running down the halls towards the doors that lead to the exit of the Arena just as they open and The Phoenix Kid steps through the doors and into the hallway. The fans begin to cheer as they see there Television Champion appear on camera. Keith gets there and with microphone in hand begins to speak.

Keith Ledger:Phoenix Kid! It is good to see you on Shockwave, I am sure you have a treat for the fans who have yet to see you in the ring. But what is your take on your match against Blotter Boy..A man who you have already beaten once since you came to PWE.

Phoenix Kid:First let me thank you for warm welcoming, it feel good when the fans cheer and people happy to see you. I realize that I step into ring with Blotter Boy again. A man who gave me good match. I hope that when I ste in the ring with him again he brings it full time. I have no plans of not stopping, and for those fans who have not seen me in action.Prepare for treat!

The Phoenix Kid ends on that and walks down to the locker room to prepare for his match. Keith stands there shaking his head, still not fully understanding as he shoots it back to Jules and Spencer.

Jules:It would appear that our TV Champion is in a good mood and ready for his match tonight. I know that the fans are going to be in for a treat tonight.

Spencer:Bah, I hope that Blotter Boy beats him, did you hear the tint of cockiness come out of his mouth, as much as I like someone who is sure, he just dripped of cockiness. Don't get me wrong normally I like it but it just doesn't sound right coming from his mouth.

Jules:Anyways Spencer, you take you chill pill and lets prepare for our next match which takes place as we speak. And that is our tag team match with Bryce Braydon and Kouji Tanaka our reigning Tag Champs as they take on AJ Hale and his tag partner The Kidd. This should be an awesome match, lets take it up to our beautiful ring announcer.
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Rematch against Blotter Boy
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