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 J. Cole walks backstage with his tag partner

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PostSubject: J. Cole walks backstage with his tag partner   Tue May 15, 2012 11:27 am

J. Cole: Hey what's up man. How do you find PWE Hellraiser was? I came like this close the winning the violent breed championship an it just slip out my hands
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PostSubject: Re: J. Cole walks backstage with his tag partner   Sat May 19, 2012 7:07 am

Lawmed the Destroyer: How was Hellraiser? HOW WAS HELLRAISER?

Lawmed the Destroyer picks up a 2x4 from off the ground and hits J.Cole over the head with it causing the 2x4 to snap. J.Cole falls to the ground.

Lawmed the Destroyer: You dare ask me how Hellraiser was after you turned on me and put me out of the title match?

Lawmed the Destroyer lifts J.Cole over his head with ease and lets him drop to the ground executing a devastating Destroyerdrop.

Lawmed the Destroyer: My Hellraiser was full of betrayal you punk.

Lawmed the Destroyer grabs J.Cole by the head and lifts J.cole off the ground and slams J.Cole to the floor executing mortal Cranial Carnage.

Lawmed the Destroyer: I will not be betrayed again. Consider our partnership over.

Lawmed the Destroyer grabs one of the snapped pieces of 2x4 and slams it into J.Coles chest several times. Lawmed the Destroyer leaves J.Cole in a crumpled mess.
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J. Cole walks backstage with his tag partner
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