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PostSubject: challengers   Fri May 11, 2012 2:44 pm

Phoenix Kid is backstage in the gym training and preparing for his next match or just keeping in shape. Keith Ledger is seen walking down the hall with a cameraman heading in the general direction as he hears clanking sounds and is curious as to whats going on. He gets to the Gym door and pushes it open, stepping inside the camera pans the gym and you see weights that are set up in one corner, a ring is in the center, there is a speed bag and a punching back in the other corner. The camera pans again and you see The Phoenix Kid standing in the mirror with a set of dumbells doing curls with each arm at alternating reps. Keith clears his throat and speaks.

Keith Ledger:Phoenix Kid, if you could, could I get a moment of your time to ask you some questions about what you have been doing since you were successful in becoming PWE's first Television Champion? How has it felt to be a one of the first Champions of PWE and how do you see this springboarding your career into maybe the Violent Breed or even the Heavyweight Championship? Have you been training or have you taken time off to relax? If you have been wrestling has anyone caught your eye that could give you a challenge to your belt?

The Phoenix Kid continues to do several more reps finishing off the set, he then proceeds to place the dumbells on the ground, turn to face Keith and takes several steps towards Keith a smile appearing to be on his face through the mask. The fans are heard cheering in the background as The Phoenix Kid looks at Keith and then looks into the camera.

Phoenix Kid:Hello Keith. Good to see you, I have been good. Now as for your questions that you rattled off that you seem good to do, I will try and answer them as good as can. Since becoming first PWE Television Champion, fans have come to me for autographs and pictures, which is very cool. Glad fans like my performance in ring. As for being one of first champions of company, it is good feeling, it means that no matter what happens you can not take away from me that I was first champion. If this propels me into higher spotlight then it would mean that I have worked very hard as both Violent and Heavyweight championships are not easy to get. Have to prove self not only in ring but in many other ways as well. I am only focused at moment on getting better and defending this belt whenever the opportunity arises.

Phoenix Kid:I never take time to relax as if you take time off you get soft and then do not do well in match to make fans happy. I maybe first champion of TV Title but I don't want to end up losing it because I got lax and didn't put full effort into match to make fans happy. I have been in ring several times since Pay Per View with fellow PWE wrestler Bryce Braydon. I see he has lots of potential and I see how he was able to team and become tag team champion. As for if he could give me challenge for TV Championship...That is good question and one that could only be answered by settling it in the ring. He does have potential but not sure if he is threat to my title. As I said not sure if there is anyone who is a threat to title but you never know.

Keith nods his head and then proceeds with his next set of questions.

Keith Ledger:So if you had a choice of anyone to team with if you decided to challenge for the tag championship who would you team with or is teaming not one of your strong suits? Have you ever teamed in your career and if so how successful were you? What type of job do you think GM has done so far?

The Phoenix Kid stands there listening to the questions not sure exactly what was asked but yet not wanting to leave anything blank.

Phoenix Kid:If I had choice to team with anyone to challenge for tag championship not sure who would be combination with me. I have tagged in past and have had some success, but having good tag partner is hard to find as both have to have a complementing style to each other. As for job GM has done, I would say he has done great job, I am sure that it can not be easy. I have some commitments that come with being TV Champion so if you will excuse me Keith I need to go meet them.

Phoenix Kid bows to Keith and then the fans as he turns to quickly put the weights away and grabs a towel to wipe himself off and step through the door and down the hall. Keith stands there as the camera pans the now empty gym before fading to black.
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