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 PWE HellRaiser- May 5, 2012

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PostSubject: PWE HellRaiser- May 5, 2012   Sat May 05, 2012 6:23 pm

PWE HellRaiser
May 5, 2012- Forum Time- 10pm
May 6, 2012- TWG Time- 3am

Welcome to Countdown Show
Last Words Before Kevin's Huge Match
Dark Match: Unknown! VS Bush
Sophia Ford's Message to Opponents
Final Countdown to PWE HellRaiser
PWE HellRaiser Begins
Interview: Lwmed The Destroyer
PWE Bright Star Championship: Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match
After Match: Next Contender?
Clash of Plans
Interview: Airwave
Title match: PWE World Tag Team Champions
J Mysteq + Gabriel Zat VS Bryce Brayden + Kouji Tanaka
Interview: Tkellionaire
New Name?
PWE Violent Breed Championship: 5 Man Elimination Match
Preparation for the Biggest Night
Title match: PWE Television Champion
Phoenix Kid VS The French Warrior Alex Kazarian
Excuse me this isn't OVER!!!
Power on the Line- 2/3 Submission Match: AJ Wacko VS William Eagle
The Wolf Arrives
Title match: PWE HeavyWeight Champion
3 Stages of Hell Stage: Derek Poundstone VS Wolvian

Tickets Sold: 12.000
Tickets Income: 120.000 Fantaeuros
Tickets Request: 39.978
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PWE HellRaiser- May 5, 2012
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