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 Jack Swarm

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PostSubject: Jack Swarm   Thu May 03, 2012 10:08 am

*Jack Swarm makes his way to the ring*

*The crowd is so loud as they cheers for Jack*

Jack Swarm: Thank you people and fans of Pure Wrestling Experience. I haven't talk to you all in a while and I'm here to make a very important announcement. I will get straight to the point, Jack Swarm won't be Jack Swarm no more from now on he will be known as the "The Destroyer" J. Cole.

*The crowd goes wild and theirs so much noise in the arena*

J. Cole: So tonight you will see the last of Jack Swarm as he becomes a champion of PWE. I will no longer inflict pain alone...I will destroy my opponents to.

J. Cole: I'm not only a wrestler...I'm a rapper to. Tonight you will watch me win the PWE Violent Breed Championship. Thank you.

*The camera fades backstage*
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Jack Swarm
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