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 White Phoenix's bio

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PostSubject: White Phoenix's bio   Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:09 pm

Wrestler Name: White Phoenix
Wrestler Nickname: Deadly Submission Machine
Wrestler Level: 8
Wrestler Type: Techinque
Wrestler Height: 5"5
Wrestler Weight: 140
Wrestler Age: 18
Face or Heel: Face
Wrestler Attitude: Trollface (good at wit) and very competitive
Tag Team Partner in this fed: no
Tag Team Name in this fed: none
Willing to Tag: yes
Faction Name in this fed: none
Wrestler's Style: wrestling, sambo and bruce lee's style combine and newer pro wrestling moves like people never see!

Wrestler's Origin: White Phoenix is straight edge, he was bored and didn't find worth for him. until he noticed gym that say pro wrestling gym, he think like why not? he enter gym and shocked to see wrestlers practicing harder. he ask for match and he lose but that changed his life to find worth for compete! (deep about his life? save it like cm punk vs y2j, not same storyline*)

Your RP Ability: 2
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: yes

Description of each of your finishers, taunt(s), and trademark moves:

Finishers: Death from Above, deadly swanton bomb

Trademarks: cobra suplex and texas cloverleaf

Taunts: Cut-throat, get up! and Crowd get louder

Catch Phrase: I can make you tap out for all times.

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White Phoenix's bio
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